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Earring Woman

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FAQ in Earring Woman Products

is it all 3?

yes, you get 3 pairs.

Are these earrings too big to wear one of each in three piercings?

They are pretty nice earrings, they all come in 4 different sizes so I personally think it would look good. I have two piercings in each ear & im wearing two of the sizes in each. It's worth buying if you ask me.

Is stud gold?

It is advertised as gold filled, not solid gold, but it is beautiful.

What is the best way to clean these silver stud earrings?

After everyday wearing, you can clean them with alcohol. Or if your earrings seem dirty and the alcohol not works , you can submerge them in water with little dishwashing liquid for a few minutes , and then use clean water to rinse them.

Are they heavy?

No these are not heavy - I don't like heavy earrings at all and I have no problem with these!

Is there anyway you could just purchase the small ones?

Dear customer, this earring set is sold by set, we don't sell this individually. Thank you!

What is gold filled?

A layer of gold is applied to a base metal. It is more durable than gold plated.

Arr these earrings heavy

Not too bad. They are very pretty, better then I expected.

Are these too big for a one year old?

Yes, I think so. These are a nice size stone for an adult. They would look out of proportion on a child that young.

Are they good for first time earrings

I would say yes. When you put them on, they are a bit tight at first. You will have to adjust the back. I wear them all day.

What is the color grade of these earrings?

P-Q. Make no mistake, these have a yellow tint. Champagne I think they call it.

Is it rose gold or yellow gold? It says rose on color choice but description says 14k gold.

The earrings that I received are 14k gold, not rose gold. Just a little bit more info...they are beautiful and well made.
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Reviews in Earring Woman Products


Brooke Jones

I bought these earrings to wear at work. I'm a clerk in the court and I have to dress in a fairly classic work style - however, I like something different with a bit of light. The silver stud earrings seem to change color as the light changes. I like these anti-allergy earrings because I can get a rash and pain when I wear other earrings. I'm satisfied with the purchase.


Bryan Harding

This is a stud earrings for women that my friend gave me. When I saw the earrings, made me feel very surprised, I think this kind of stud earrings are elegant, high-end and expensive. its texture to my surprise, do manual work is very delicate, very dazzling diamonds, like stars emit light, I think it is suitable for high-end venues, It will give you a sense of superiority. At the same time, it is also very joker fashion, this is my first impression of silver stud earrings. I've been wearing it for days without any allergic symptoms. I've worn other ear studs and have allergies. So don't worry about allergies now, because these are anti-allergy earrings. The design and packaging of the ear studs are also very delicate and beautiful. I highly recommend buying. Because I think it's a classy and affordable stainless steel earring that you are worth buying.


Jon Herskovits

When these anti-allergy earrings arrived, they are a bit bigger than I expected, but they look very nice! I wear them every day ,and no allergic symptoms. they are very shiny and my friends say that I wear good looks. I am very happy with the purchase! I recommend them!

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