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Electric Brush

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FAQ in Electric Brush Products

What are the sizes (diameter) of the two round brushes?

2" & 4"

I am looking to clean the grout on my kitchen floors. Will the small red brush do that? Is it stiff enough?


can I recharge the Braun 7500 where electric is 220/240w?

I do as I live in Singapore

Reviews in Electric Brush Products



I used Sonicare toothbrushes for my entire life, then my dentist said Oral B is better. I was totally like no way, sonicare is the best, but I bought this one anyway just to see. And let me tell you, it is so much better. Sonicare uses more of a vibration, and the brush head shape they use tends to just kind of glide over teeth. And I think that's why it doesn't clean as well. and Oral B is an oscillating movement with a smaller round brush head that literally cleans every side of every tooth. The first time I used it I was impressed!! My teeth feel so much cleaner. The only beef I have with them is that it's a little rough on your gums. At first, I would start out on the 'feather' setting until you get used to it and your gums toughen up.



So far it seems just as good as my old Sonicare, which finally died after some years.Pro tip: The charger leeches electricity 24/7 while it's plugged in. But the batteries can last for days - and NiCds are happiest when they are drained before recharging. So don't leave the charger plugged in with the toothbrush on the charger. Unplug the charger and use it as a brush holder - use the brush and let the batteries drain - after several days it will still work, but the light will flash. Then plug the charger in and let it recharge overnight.Draining the battery fully means the unit will last years! Unplugging the charger saves you some watts. Win-win.

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