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Endoscope Borescope

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AN99 5.5MM Endoscope Borescope Inspection Wire Camera
Excellent, fast delivery, I would recommend to everyone. Thanks !!!
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AN99 5.5MM Endoscope Borescope Inspection Wire Camera


AN99 8MM Endoscope Borescope Inspection Wire Camera
The barn and pasture where they stay is too far from the main house for my regular wifi to reach, I love that it will rotate on demand with my mobile app, I just turned my hotspot on connected my cell phone to the hotspot not sure if you need to do that or not for set up but I figured why not turned the camera on and followed the on screen propts

AN99 8MM Endoscope Borescope Inspection Wire Camera


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FAQ in Endoscope Borescope Products

Why can not find IP camera when you use search software?

1. Rechecking whether power supply and Ethernet cables are connected correctly;

2. Checking the network setting for IP camera and your computer. Go to network connection, configure IP address to same IP segments, Subnet mask and default gateway must be same for both IP camera and computer;

3. Ensuring IP camera and computer are in the same router.

Why can not visit IP camera from internet (wan)?

1. Log in your local router, and enable port mapping for IP camera in virtual server menu;

2. If you use domain or DDNS service, making sure the domain point to correct IP address with correct port number.

Why connect 4 IP cameras, but only one IP camera displays images?

You need to set an unique IP address for each of cameras.

Why POE IP camera can not see at night?

Using high quality Ethernet cable, or shortening the connection distance.

Why video delay when watch live video?

1. You can increase the bandwidth through upgrading your network infrastructure, also you can lower the bit-rate of streaming. Lowering the image resolution also helps to reduce the video delay time.

2. Increasing the fps can allow IP camera output smooth video.

Why IP camera can not display image?

The IP camera doesn't boot correctly, please check the power supply.

How to upgrade NVR firmware?

1. Go to "System Setting", choose "System" > "Upgrade";

2. Select the firmware file, then click "Upgrade".

3. When upgrading succeed, the NVR will reboot.

How to reset the camera?

1. Disconnect the power supply;

2. Press and hold the reset button;

3. Connect the power supply while still holding reset for more 10 seconds.

Can this item be shipped to my country?

We can deliver orders to most countries. For a detailed explanation of each shipping method, destination and approximate delivery time, please check our posts:

GearBest shipping methods

20 things you need to know when shopping on GearBest

Short guide on tracking fees and shipping insurance on GearBest

GearBest shipping memo: save money on delivery by choosing the best option

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Reviews in Endoscope Borescope Products


Dan Andrei

good quality



Satisfactory image quality. <BR>The small diameter endoscope. <BR>Useful hook and magnet.



A decent price for an average camera system


물건이 잘못와서 티켓 남겼는데 원만하게 처리완료 됐습니다. 제가 받은건 5.5mm네요. 이것도 그냥저냥 쓸만하기는 한데.. 중이염 자주 생기는 딸때문에 구입했습니다. 중이염 생기면 바로 병원에 가려고~


David Chapman

They have great range and reliability



Great tool to have... works well... especially for a 223 or 5.56mm bore sight...



Great endoscope


Troy T

Slick little unit



- perfectly fits the eyebrow shape - easy to use - Easy to install - Easy to set - I recommend it to all ages

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