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F4 Flight Controller

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HGLRC FLAME V2 F4 Flight Controller Betaflight OSD
Setup was fairly simple, super smooth and very punchy with a light build.

HGLRC FLAME V2 F4 Flight Controller Betaflight OSD


F4 NOXE BetaFlight OSD 5V BEC Buzzer Flight Controller
A good 20x20 FC board with 3 amps switch BEC should be enough to power both the micro cam and 200mw micro VTX. I'll put this into my new 2.5" micro as soon as other parts arrived. Hope it works as advertised.

F4 NOXE BetaFlight OSD 5V BEC Buzzer Flight Controller


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Reviews in F4 Flight Controller Products


David Rogers

So I write reviews based on how I like the product. Even if it has faults but still performs great in most areas then I’ll give it a high review. I really like the Emax Tinyhawk. It’s performs very well for a 1s copter. The frame is pretty durable but it still can break if you hit something hard enough, the motor/duct supports are kind of thin and can only flex so much. The camera isn’t the best, it works and you can still fly with it but would have been nice of them to put a better cam in. The motors are great! This has enough power to fly outside in light/mild wind where brushed whoops have a hard time. The props are great and will take some abuse, I’ve had a couple pop off from hard crashes but have not broke any yet. I have seen two broken props so far on social media and all I can say is they crashed hard for that to happen. Also turtle mode doesn’t really work cause the props don’t produce enough thrust when reversed, you might get lucky here and there but in most cases it doesn’t work. Have heard they are making new props for this that will work with turtle mode. The fun factor with this out weights the faults and that’s why I gave it 5 stars. If you’re looking for an indoor ripper consider the Emax TinyHawk!


Betaflight F4 V3

I still didn't fly with FC like this. It looks good, so I'll see how it works.



nice FC it does the job easy to work on and have used a couple before with my other quads

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