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Flash Light Red

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Ultra Bright Cyborg 168T USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light Red High Intensit
10% OFF
Качественный, яркий, недорогой задний фонарь на велосипед. Достаточно большой, хорошо будет виде издалека. Три вида моргания. Постоянного горения нет (для меня не критично, так как всегда использую моргающий свет, потому что он привлекает внимание). Ремешок для крепления имеет ярко выраженные ступени для регулировки наклона фонаря. К покупке рекомендую.
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Ultra Bright Cyborg 168T USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light Red High Intensit



LED Strip Light 1.5M SMD 5630 60LEDS Tape TV Decoration
44% OFF
nice product.its value for money and i am very happy with this order.also fast delivery.i recommend this!

LED Strip Light 1.5M SMD 5630 60LEDS Tape TV Decoration



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FAQ in Flash Light Red Products

The instructions do not specify clearly which direction the batteries should go in according to the symbols on the flashlight. Any ideas?

Flat part of the battery always goes on the spring end

Is this item water resist or proof?

I've never tried immersing mine in water, I have used it in the rain with no ill effects.I hope this helps.

Is the led red or the lens?

The LED is.

Does the light turn from white to red with the click of the button? Or does it come with different colored lenses?

It cycles with the button. You can trun it off and back on or half depress the button while it is on to switch to the other color (red/white) there are two different LEDs under the lense so the circle of illumination will shift slightly depending on which one is selected.

How many lumens?

I looked at the light and it doesn't say how many lums but I used it for coyote hunting and I was impressed would recommend but get extra batteries. I found batteries and charger on WISH.COM very reasonable. Hope this helped have a great day.

Will this work nimh rechargable aa's? i ask, because they are 1.2v vs the 1.5v.

Yes, 1.2V Nimh Rechargeables are listed as a recommended battery type

Does it include the holster?

Mine did. And it also included a sm key chain light

Can you use re chargeable batteries

Only if they fit the AAA form factor and deliver 1.5 volts each for a total of 4.5 volts. Should be OK !

How many lumens?

250 lumens

How many lumen is it?

Don't know. There was no paperwork or product sheet enclosed with the flashlight in the box when we received it.

Is it possible to combine colors like red and green?

No, the flashlight only can change colors one by one .

When turned on will this start w/ white color? If turned off & turned on again will it still be white or will it start to cycle through red and green?

It cycle through the colors. When turned off it'll come back on to the next color in the cycle.

whats the little red flashlight used for?

hunting ,night vision. Animals don't see red light.Or if you are a grower. They reduce night blindness. I want s light to see my way in the dark, when I turn the light off I want to have my eyes adapted to the dark. Or if you are a grower.

How do you adjust the intensity? Successive clicking?

CV licking changes modes. Steady and flashing. TURNING THE BEZEL WILL CHANGE NTHE WIDTH OF BEAM/

How many yards is this light good for ?will it do over 300 yrds

It will most likely be visible from 300 yards, but it won't satisfactorily illuminate an object 300 yards away.

Does it include the 3xAAA adapter?


is the side lantern just red light?

Nope, it's a fully working light, and it's bright.

Is it possible to turn the red light on without cycling through the white light?

Yes what ever setting you have it on before you turn it off will be the setting it will be on when you turn it back on

Are they water proof or resistant?

Hello! Thanks for asking. The Safe:Bright 3-in-1 flashlight is Water resistant. It can definitely withstand rain and moisture but I would not submerge it in any water. Hope that answers your question and feel free to contact us anytime if you have any other questions. Take care, Natalie
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Reviews in Flash Light Red Products


John Fugett

I bought this for the red light capability. I use it to watch my reef aquarium after lights out. Exceeded my expectations. Exceptionally well built, etc. It is sure to survive the Zombie apocolypse, even if I don't.


Cory Shreve

I was excited to receive this light because I had been wanting a red light to preserve my night vision. Worked great and looked great right out of the box for the first week.... but after that the workmanship started to fail and the light would not activate consistently using the switch. BUT!! While I was disappointed in the flashlight, I am anything but disappointed in the company. Z-Z went out of their way proactively contact me to make sure I was 100% satisfied with my purchase. They no questions asked offered me a replacement for my light or a credit for the full purchase price! This kind of service will make this guy a long term customer! I would not hesitate to buy this light again from this company!


Joel R.

These are exactly as promised, nice and bright. One of the headlamps was dimmer than the other, so may have been a bad set of batteries. Otherwise, a good product!



I use this at night to read by and to give me a little light in the room because scientific research shows that red light will not disturb the melatonin our brains make that enables us to sleep properly.



Super bright red light. It may even be too bright for some situations but it does do a good job preserving night vision. Great quality for the price

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