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Green Hair

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Stainless Steel LED Light Multifunctional Electric Hair Trimmer for Men
17% OFF
Bought this as a replacement for a four year old panasonic electric razor. Works great, quiet and fast in the morning. Gets tough to reach areas easily and with a close shave. Well worth the money and much better than I expected. Easily gets five stars: *****
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Stainless Steel LED Light Multifunctional Electric Hair Trimmer for Men



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FAQ in Green Hair Products

How difficult is it to wash out of hair?

My son used this last Halloween and I believe it took a couple of washes to get it all out.

Can you curl these?

Plastic heat. Maybe curlers and gel

Will this fit a 5 year old boy ?

It might be slightly big, but with a hot glue could somewhat modify it to fit better

can this clip to wigs?

I couldn't get it to stay in the wig with the small comb attached. I ended up super gluing it in.

Will it work on black hair?

yes, it worked

can you straighten these

They are already straight, but they would melt in a flat iron.

Does this work on black hair?

This specific color wont work unless your hair is very bleached. This color is just a tint, not a full semi permanent dye.

How long and thick is the hair? I am trying to make pennywise (IT) wig with an exaggerated widows peak.

Personal preference is best here I believe. I don't think it's thick enough to style for Pennywise's hair but that doesn't mean you can't try. I used it for Chucky finsters hair and it did pretty decent

Does it come with a wig cap?

Mine did.

will it completely was out

My husband's hair is white and though it took a couple of shampoos it did all come out.

Will this rub off easily when you touch it? Can I run my hands through my hair while wearing the wax without getting it on my hands?

It doesn't run off easy but it's like a colored gel so my hair get hard and dry but the color stays on for a good 24 hour

Can you dye these extensions?

I am not suggest to dye.

how well did it work on dark hair?

It worked great my son has dark hair it has such a neon tint that no matter weather there Hair is dark or not doesn't matter.

How do I secure these to my hair?

Pop the top, it's like hair barrette pin

Can you curl them?

I'm not sure, I didn't try

Would these stay on a child who is tumbling? Back handsprings, etc.

Not likely. It fit our average adult heads with a lot of wiggle room.

Can you cut these to fit your hair? Mine is about chin length and curly

Yes, would be no problem to do at all !
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Reviews in Green Hair Products



they seem to work quite well. They come in two separate clear bags, five pieces in each, 10 pieces in total, each piece has its own built-in snap comb to attach to your hair. this pink is truly a lovely color. even though it is synthetic hair, it is very very soft. I am very pleased with the faded pastel pink color. if I have any issues, I will definitely update and change my review. so far, this is exactly what I wanted and expected. A couple of them, two actually, I had to add a little super glue to because they looked like they may fall apart. maybe they would not have. I just wanted to secure it in place just in case. the picture I enclosed only shows five of them, as I have not open the other bag yet. i trimmed them a bit and attach them under my hair, and i think they look surprisingly like real colored hair. cute, not bad at all for $10.



My husband has short black hair. It took one can to cover his entire head and his beard!!! He sprayed his hair about five times letting it dry between spraying. He looked great and it washed right out in the shower


Lo Frenzel

Great color for The Joker. You can spray more to make darker as needed for you hair color. Not neon green - perfect darn green like Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. This can lasted through two different full-head applications of The Joker makeup. easy to wash out even with baby shampoo without more extra scrubbing than normal. It smells like aerosol hairspray, so use in a ventilated area. One application was done inside our van, and we all had to jump out quick due to the strong smell during application.


natalie roberova

The hair is a great color and good quality


Dana Carter

I was skeptical, but this does pretty much what you expect it to based on other reviews/descriptions/photos. I got this because the Eagles are in the Super Bowl and I want to have some green in my hair one day but be able to wash it out for work the next day. I got it today and tried it out on a small piece of hair so I would know what to expect before doing more on Bowl day. Some people say it gets sticky/tacky and it does. But when you're done, if you're patient and take your time brushing it out, the texture will soften and be almost completely back to the way your hair normally feels. I wasn't noticing a lot of color transfer from my fingers to hair when I first started, so I used a little more product and kept going over the area until I started seeing enough color. It does seem to show up better on the lighter part of my hair. But that's also where I was concentrating on getting most of the color. It looks to be the same color on my hair as in the jar, and it washed off my hands and hairbrush no problem. Hope this helps anyone considering buying it, and good luck!

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