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Hair Powder

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FAQ in Hair Powder Products

is it a powder you shake out?

Yes it's a powder and works great!

Should you style your hair and then sprinkle on hair?

Sprinkle at the root where you want volume and then style.

Is this aerosol dry shampoo or volumnizing powder? Im so lost!

Hi D, this product is a volumizing hair powder that comes out kind of like a salt shaker. Thank you! Beautystoredepot

How well does it work on thin flat hair?

It just depends I have flat hair but mine poofs wouldn't recommend this I would use pomade this is a sticky powder for sculpting hair

Is this product fragrance free?


Does it work well with products like hair gel for styling?

no, it doesn't work at all

i am looking for this to make my hair feel less dirty, will it work?

Don't expect miracles but I do find that it works very well. I too only wash my hair every 2-3 days and I usually put it on my hair before I go to bed on day 2. I wake up on day 3 and brush the dry shampoo out and there is no residue, my hair is not greasy, and feels almost freshly washed.

does it work for thick hair?

I would think so.

Does this dry out your hair? I don't have greasy hair, and I am wondering if this will make my normal hair dry

In my opinion, this product works well on either thinner hair that needs volume. Or if your hair tends to get oily at the end of the day, this product helps to soak-up the access oil. I don't think this product would make your hair dry.
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Reviews in Hair Powder Products



I've been using this spray for a week. My hair looks thicker and thinning areas disappear. The only downside is the spray ends up on my bathroom counter and floor. However, the results are worth this inconvenience.


Sue S.

It works as well as others I have tried, but the plus on this one for me is that it doesn't make my head itch. It seems to stay in place and does what it is intended for. I got the darkest color, but I think I will get the darker brown, as the black/gray doesn't seem to be a match for me. No fault of the seller or the product. I just chose the wrong color for me. I like how compact it is, and that the little sponge fits in the bottom of the container. Great for travel! I didn't think the sponge would work well for application, but it does. I use it every day near my part where my hair is the thinnest.If you are on the fence with this like I was, go ahead and give it a try. You just might like I do!


renee garis

Good for between visits to the salon. I am very gray and use the spray powder on my hair part for coverage.Washes out on each shampoo.



Ok, this is great stuff. I didn't buy this for thinning hair; I bought it for when I pull my hair into a barrette or a clip and sometimes my scalp shows through. Works great. Also, I like my hair to have a smooth outline around my face when I do a tight ponytail- this product fills in around my hairline beautifully. But I discovered that it does a GREAT job of filling in for my incoming GREY HAIR between hair appointments! That was a nice surprise. My only problem is that I wish I had gone darker. I would suggest you go darker than you think. Roots are darker than the ends of your hair.


Sarah Hanley

It works well and efficiently. The container has a mirror that is wasteful because of its minute size. It would be smarter if instead of using that space for a mirror, they would have more powder in the container. It is a small container.

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