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Hair Styling Tool

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FAQ in Hair Styling Tool Products

How big are the bun socks?

About 2.5 inches by 1 inch wide

What are the first few ingredients listed?

I do not recognize any of them except for water.

Is it durable or will it break within 10 uses??

It's durable. My cat has even chewed it up a bit and it's still doing fine.

do they come in a bag?

Yeah a big plastic zip lock type bag

My hair it long and very thick. Will these work or will the resulting bun be so large that it looks silly?

if its thick it might not work cause the hair piece is somewhat weak and small so in my opinion id say pass but i could be wrong good luck:)

Are they heavy? Do they pull my hair?

No, basically of no weight. They won't pull your hair if you are gentle enough.

My hair is shoulder length is that long enough

My hair is just below the shoulder but layered and I'm not able to get my hair in a bun. If it was level, I don't think it'd be a problem.

The package includes 2 size of topsy tail hair tool, how can I use the little size one?

Use it for thin hair.

Can it be used on a black person hair

Yes, if your hair is fluffy, rub some softeners and comb your hair before use.Thank you for visit !

Does this kit come with instructions?

Yes, it does...

Can you use perm solution with these?

I'm not sure, but I would not

Can I use it to braid my hair by my self?

Yes,The function of the product Only twists. I've seen videos of others getting results that look like braids. Thank you for visit

What material Is the roller covering?

Mixture of cotton and polyester

Can you use on dry hair?

freshly washed or damp hair works best

Do these work for beach waves?

For me, they did not work at all. They did not stay in.

Will this topsy tail hair tool work for toddlers?And will it break for 8 uses?

It should work just fine
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Reviews in Hair Styling Tool Products


Christine A

It definitely works for longer hair, but if you hair is shoulder length (like mine) the foam shows. I tried it on a friend who has long hair (3+ inchs past the shoulder) and it looks great. I'm growing my hair out, so this will come in handy later as a quick up-do.



My over 70 yo hair is fine and straight. Never used this product before and pleased with the body added to my hair. Did not use a lot, just enough to comb through wet hair and then styled with hairdryer and in-styler. Hair does not flatten during day. I do use hair spray also.


paula dewolf



Donna Fuller

Great Product. I have purchased several different types of this product and love it, makes thinner hair look thicker and really holds the curl, for me my hair stayed curled for 2 days then I had to wash it. I use this with the Calista Hot Brush which is just wonderful.Worth every penny. I think you'll love it, i sure do.



I really like this. I put it on my wet hair, let the hair dry, then either fluff it or use the profecter.

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