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Halloween Party

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FAQ in Halloween Party Products

Is multi the rose gold? or multiple colors in one?

rose gold

I bought red for Christmas and it felt good, but I was wondering if there were any other colors?

For now, there are only a few colors!

Reviews in Halloween Party Products



You can solve it if you try,but you can't be misled which is hard to do! This book delivers the old small town feel which I adore in her books. I especially liked this book because it has children in it who play pivotal roles, which you don't often get from Miss Agatha. The only violence is murder that is talked about but not described in violent or gory detail. Easy and satisfying read.


Dora L. Davison

Hercules Poirot and his mustaches take on the case of a child who was drowned at a Hallowe'en party. Ariadne Oliver, an author friend of Poirot, was at the party and not impressed by the local constulary's ability to solve the case, implores Poirot to solve it. He is not content to just investigate the current murder. He eventually ties up this death with others that have occurred but not until the murdered girl's brother is also killed.The story was satisfactorily summed up even with one twist that I did not see coming. I would recommend this book to Agatha Christie lovers and to anyone who loves a good story.



After a quarter century of David Suchet portraying Hercule Poirot with such perfection, it is a bit difficult to return to the original from which his character emerges. Nonetheless, Agatha Christies, late in her career. still was able to take me in hand, so to speak, and make the text speak to me with her voice not that of the fine British actor who made her character live on television. This is a rather simple story, overall, beginning with the murder of a pre-teen age girl at a party. Was the precipitating event her saying earlier at the party that she had once seen a murder done? Was this congenital liar, in fact, telling the truth this time? Visiting his friend, Ariadne, Poirot takes up the case, which leads him into the past as well the present of the small, peaceful village. This is not the last murder accomplished or attempted that enters into his purview, but, baffling as they are, he pursues his investigations with the ruthless calm for which he is known.This is a book written late in the day by the Mistress of British Crime Writing but it still has vigor, character and the gift for clarity which marks her style. Not a classic, it should be good reading for those who have a taste for mysteries that lack cuteness, sexiness, or the grime of the city streets.

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