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High Speed Camera

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FAQ in High Speed Camera Products

How to select a phone memory card?

4 things you should know before buying memory card: How to select a phone memory card?

Can the memory card compatible with my phone or other device?

If you phone or other device supports the type and capacity of memory card, then you can use it in your phone or other device.

How to format the SD memory card safely and quickly?

Formatting SD cards can solve some problems, but there's a better way now: The best way now to format any SD memory card safely and quickly

How to choose the dash cam memory card?

The type of flash memory depends on the specific features and model of dashboard cam: Dos and don’ts about dash cam memory cards

How to choose the memory card for Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo made it possible for anyone to use microSD cards to expand storage on the console: The best microSD Cards for the Nintendo Switch

Why computer won't read the card?

Make sure that your computer supports the size and type of memory card you're using. You might be able to upgrade your computer to SDHC compliance with a firmware upgrade; check with your computer's manufacturer.

Why there is "card is write protected" error message?

SD and SDHC cards contain "lock" switches on the left side of the card (as viewed from the front). If the switch is in the lower / bottom position, the card is locked and write protected, meaning no new data can be written to the card. Slide the switch upward to "unlock" the card. Relate post: How to disable write protection from a USB flash drive

How to recover deleted or missing files?

You can use commercial software to try to recover the photos, or you can take the SD memory card to a computer or camera repair center, which may be able to recover the photos.

Why one memory cards runs slower than others?

Each memory card has a speed rating and a class rating. The speed rating refers to the maximum transfer speed for data, while the class rating refers to the minimum transfer speed. Check your cards and their ratings, and you'll probably find they have different speed ratings or class ratings.

What is the difference between eMMC and SSD?

SSD is the catalyst for PC performance, and eMMC is also great for apple iPad, Android tablet and mobile phone: What is the difference between eMMC and SSD?

How to protect a hard drive or USB with a password?

There is a difference between Window and GNU/Linux and macOS

The detail you can read this post:

How to protect a hard drive or USB with a password in Windows and macOS/Linux/GNU

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Reviews in High Speed Camera Products



Fast service and an very fast and good card to buy in a good price!I recomment it!It is really a samsung card, the trasfer of the files is very fast, i have not check it with a progamm , but the feeling of use is good.



very good and fast memory card work fine on data transfer very cheap to buy came in original box



Arrived on time. We needed this for our exterior home camera. Exactly what we needed works perfectly! Perfect memory for what we need. It works very well. Camera takes continuous photos so they need replacing at times. Formatting them regularly makes them last longer. Cute pattern, memory card adapter is good! Very pleased.


64 gb microsd

PROS: Great quality and original package. Great price. CONS: Any.

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