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FAQ in Home Salon Products

Do this come with the spay thing?

Unfortunately it does not. It comes with the drainage hose to drain the sink. Hope this helps!

How do you connect the water supply?

With this particular sink there is no water hook up, I use the hose attachemnt on the sink! Hope this helps.

How does it get water supply to it?

This isn't meant to replace your current shampoo bowl. You use he water from your sink to shampoo with. This is just a basin used for someone who may not be able to get into a traditional shampoo bowl.

How does this portable sink work

It's all plastic and could break real easy. I rolls not suggest it if you plan to use it allot

I am trying to decide between the home version and pro. The pro has 1400 watt motor, home has 1000 watt. Does anyone have experience with both?

I use the pro version in my hair salon and it works great for cleaning up hair and debris. I also have the home version and find that works great for the animal hair and bedding from my Guinea pig cage. I really don't notice a huge difference in power and find the home version to be perfect for my personal needs.

Can I use this product to wash my own hair at the sink, or does it only work where someone is standing over me washing my hair for me?

the product is junk I can it

Does your hair get sucked by the fan? I've heard this being a problem with this type of dryers.

Nope! My hair is long. Don't know if that make a difference.

Does this model have a washable/reusable filter?

I bought this as a gift but as I remember it was a washable/reusable filter. The recipient of the gift LOVES it and has 2 children (3&5) who are all into cleaning. They could not be more happy. Lots of dog and cat hair in that thing. My hairdresser has one at her shop and raves about it.

Does spray come in black?

No spray nor water connections on this portable shampoo bowl, just a pvc flexible drain hose!

Is this unit on wheels?

No, it's not but the heavy plastic legs make it easy to drag across the floor.

is it sturdy and comfortable

It seems sturdy enough. The lip benefits from a folded towel.

How does it work? Is the a drain and I just pour water over the hair?

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Carrie Dendy

Love it Thanks

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