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Lcd Temperature

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FAQ in Lcd Temperature Products

can it be used in africa

Not sure about that one. You might have to Google that one.

After downloading data using the supplied software, can the data on the unit be erased allowing for new fresh data to be recorded?

The software erases the data automatically as you re-configure the sampling criteria to re-start the unit.

Does this come with a case?

Sorry. No case.

Is this 2 in 1 Curling Iron convenient for me to carry?

A medium-sized handbag can be packed in.

How do you change it to show the temperature in Fahrenheit?

I don't think you can unfortunately. I had the same issue, but I don't think it says anywhere on the product that it is Fahrenheit.

Is the barrel a 2" or smaller?

I don't know what is size 2. I measured it with a line. It's 11cm. I think it's much better than the one I bought from Taxxxt. Almost the same price. But the wave looks natural and stayed for a whole day. Really nice one.

Will this work to check cfm on a dust collection system.

This unit is designed to measure cfm (cubic feet of air per minute). However, you have to input the area of the flow channel. If you can measure this parameter, the instrument can compute the air flow from the air speed.

Is it safe to use for terra

tetra? terarium?

Can this clock be set on a desk/cabinet and not mounted on a wall?

I don't believe it sets up like a picture frame so while it could stand on it's own if bumped it would fall over.

How does it get power?

Watch is rechargeable, and the sensor take cr2032 batteries

Does this have an automatic shut off

Yes, the curling iron will automatic shut off in 30 minutes.
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Reviews in Lcd Temperature Products


Robert D. Lovelace Jr.

Bought two. Seem accurate when compared to any other thermometer. One started acting up, and the Seller jumped all over it and had a new one at my door in just a few days. I see how they are built and I saw they are not hardy. If you treat it well, it will provide you a long service life. If you yank the cable, are dropping, or storing it tossed about in a tool box; it probably will not be up to the rough treatment. I keep them in my refrigerators, with the probe in the fridge, and the reader mounted in the top hinge with two sided tape. I would definitely get again. Seller was great.


Verified purchaser

The adjustable temperatures have helped with multiple house and car projects. Best heat gun I've owned.



I use this for automotive Collison repair. It works and its accurate.


Susan W

Great 2 in 1 curling iron. There's a switch to that can change to flat iron or curling iron mode. Nice quality product.



Great item. Reads in Fahrenheit degrees and %-RH. I checked the humidity accuracy against my benchmark Caliber IV digital hygrometer and it agreed with it spot on. I think the humidity accuracy is better than the stated +/-5%. I bought several to drop in each of my cigar humidors. These are just the right size, compact yet with large, readable digits. I will be buying more of them. You can't go wrong!

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