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Leather Brown Bag

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FAQ in Leather Brown Bag Products

Is this bag made of real leather?

Hi, this laptop tote bag is made of premium vegan leather. We are environmentalists. And this durable and stylish laptop bag can be used in variety of occasions.

Does it smell bad?

no, i did leave the little beads in it for a few extra days since it was a hot day when i got it.. but no, no smell

There are no review. What if I don't like this bag?

I like it. It is just as described and it fits (just fits) my 15" laptop.

Does this bag stand up on it's own with a laptop in it? Or does it fall to one side like many of them do?

Hi, the laptop tote cannot stand up on its own with a laptop in it. Because the laptop bag is made by soft PU leather. And the laptop tote bag is perfect to flat or hang.

Does this have a over the shoulder strap?


Is this real leather? What, exactly, it vegan leather?

Yes this is real leather, nice bag.

Does this fit under an airline seat?

Not if it's full. You may also scratch the leather

Does it have a separate shoe compartment line in the photo?


What type of leather is this bag made of ?

I believe that it is goat leather.

Is there a 60+ inch version of this strap available?

Not yet

Will this fit a 13x9 laptop?

Yes it will. It won't fit in the center zip pocket however but it'll fit either side of that plus there is an top zip to enclose entire contents

Do you have undo the buckles on the outside flap in order to access the inside or can those metal devices under the buckles be released?

Click in snaps under the buckle. Buckles just for show. Great bag. Highly recommend.

What is the width of this strap?.

The strap is an inch and a half wide and the shoulder cushion part is about three inches wide (it's very comfortable), its canvas underneath and then covered in the leather, which is really nice because it keeps it really flexible and comfortable, not too stiff.

Do you need to treat the leather to protect it from the weather?

I have not seen any kind of wear on the bag after I was caught in some rain a few times, no discoloration or fraying either. I did use a Leather Honey on it after those few times, as I didn't want to tempt fate, and it looks as good now as it did when I first got it.

How far deep into th purse does the zip top flap go?

It's only as deep as your hand. You can't put anything heavy or bulky in it as it makes the bag too heavy & hang funny. Basically for me this flap is useless. Hope this helps.

Will a Zero-Halliburton Attache fit inside this bag?

yes it will perfectly fit inside because it's dimension is 18 inch x 13 inch x 5 inch .

Does this bag have s strap that can slide over the handles of a rolling piece of luggage?

No, it doesn't.

Does bag seem strong enough for laptop + random personal items? I'm considering this for business trips

Yes it is

Will this bag fit a macbook pro 15inch?

Yes. But it's a heavy tote bag. I'd look for something lighter if you're going to be carrying it for any amount of time.

How much does the bag weigh

Not sure about weight, it is full; tablet, work planner etc. I have it packed and it doesn't fill heavy at all. So by itself probably 2lbs. I just throw it over one shoulder and strap is comfortable. Really nice and business professional.

is leather soft

Yes, it is a very nice leather. I would not hesitate to purchase another one.

Are the buckles to close the bag functional or do they have a magnet?

Yes the buckles are the only way to close the bag

Can school books be carried

The handbag is great, I love it but if you're looking to carry textbooks you'll need stronger straps. I use it to carry my iPad & personal stuff and works great.

How do i order the usa interior model instead of the uk style interior?

I am not sure....

How long are the shorter handles? Does this bag fit comfortably on your shoulder using the shorter ones?

It fits on my shoulders best when it's not stuffed. As it gets fuller, the straps get tighter but still definitely fit over my shoulder. I don't have measurements though.

What is PU leather?

Our PU leather is top -level Artificial leather whcih is waterproof and soft like real leather.

What kind of leather?

The leather is definitely homemade but it is not dark as the picture. I was told that leather darkens as it ages so please don't expect a dark textured bag. I hope this helps you! You will love the bag!

Suitable for laptop?

No, maybe an iPad size. i LOVE this purse!

How light is the light brown bag?

It's not that light! I'd say dark camel! Love my bag!!!

What color are the buckles?

I'm not sure what that color is called but what you see in the picture is what the Buckle looks like.

How soon will you have dark brown straps with white stitching in stock? (Web site says only dark stitching in stock)

It may be a month or so. I have a few with white stitching at our store. If you order through merchant, (go to'other sellers" and select NJ Company that is NOT prime. The price is 28.99) put in special request that you need white stitching. Any questions, please contact us. Thank you.

Is it made in China?

Not that I am aware. I think India?

what size of this bag in cm?

I am not sure, but you could fit a smaller laptop or magazine no problem.

Reviewers say there's no pad. Is there one included?

There is minimal pad -- it's really just the adjustable section is multiple layers of leather, the width of that portion helps to distribute the weight more to make it more comfortable.

is it water proof?

It is not waterproof in the way plastic or oil inpregnated. It is natural leather which will shed water but will absorb a portion too. The case will keep water off your stuff in the rain but not a flood.

What weight limit is the strap clasps rated for? I saw someone's broke, so I'm curious what limit to plan around.

Hello, It will hold the weight of whatever you need to put in the bag. We are using a new manufacture for the strap so no worries. You have a lifetime replacement warranty as well. We are always here in California to help. Thanks

I would like to buy this bag but is the zipper plastic or brass ?


Will this bag stand up when you sit down?

Base is wide enough as long as the bag is not overstuffed.

Are this items leather?

It's Polyurethane leather. Hope the answer is helpful to you?

Does the black material easily get marks and damage to it?

Not at all. I bought this bag well over a year ago just for a trip and ended up using it every day since and it still looks new. I love my bag!

How much weight should this hold? Straps look like they could rip with laptop weight and books inside

Surprisingly sturdy. Holds 13" Macbook comfortably, along with a small book and a few other items.

Does this bag have a laptop compartment?


Does anyone know how long it takes for the smell to dissipate?


What color are the hooks (bronze or silver). I'm looking for silver/stainless.

They are a light bronze.

Is this true to color, a dark brown?

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Reviews in Leather Brown Bag Products


Reed Stohel

it's a nice little case to fit my external USB drive and the shorty USB cable



Nagyon szép, kiváló termék. Köszönöm szépen! Pontosan illeszkedik a telefonhoz. jól védi a telefont minden oldalról. Nagyszerű bőr tok. Ajánlom mindenkinek aki bőrtokban és biztonságosan kívánja tárolni a telefonját. Én MI A1-hez rendeltem.



utilizzata da subito è risultata molto pratica e da consigliare assolutamente anche per l'ottimo prezzo


Bruno Nunez

Great product and price. Good material quality and work perfectly. I like everything. I had one before and this one is better and half price.


Review Channel

Fits really good, has space for money, cards, etc. All buttons have space too.



Tutto perfetto come da descrizione...ottimo regalo...Tutto perfetto come da descrizione...ottimo regalo



Very nice case, it fulfills my expectations, easy to use. The quality seems very good. It\'s been a month since I have the 4x and it looks very safe

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