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Led Light Strip Outdoor

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1PCS YWXLight LED Strip Lights Flexible Light Strip Waterproof ForIndoor Outdoor Lighting DC12V
6% OFF
- perfect build quality<BR>- high brightness<BR>- easy installation

1PCS YWXLight LED Strip Lights Flexible Light Strip Waterproof ForIndoor Outdoor Lighting DC12V



Supli 100PCS Light Mounting Bracket Clip for Outdoor Silicone Covered 10MM Wide Pcb Waterproof LED Strips
3% OFF
Something for me to see in the bathroom in the middle of the night but not so bright as to startle myself with a bright light leaving me wide awake, I don't know how long the batteries will last but so far I am happy with this purchase

Supli 100PCS Light Mounting Bracket Clip for Outdoor Silicone Covered 10MM Wide Pcb Waterproof LED Strips



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FAQ in Led Light Strip Outdoor Products

do they blink

No these lights are steady on lights. They are not like Christmas lights. They are not meant to function that way. I use these awesome lights for lightin my kitchen, so the are installed above the cabinets.

If I already have strip lights can I connect these lights to my pervious ones?

this strip light must be installed separately, could not connect with other strip lights

How do you use the DIY features?

You can use the rgb arrows to customize the led color to what you want the. Hold down on DIY 1 or what diy number you want

I purchased the warm white. the box said warm white. but when on it seems very bright. how do i know i received the warm white?

Warm refers to the color. Warm white will have a bit of yellow to the color. Cool white will be a bit blue

If I hooked both reeles of lights to the same side of the controller, would it be the same brightness as if I hooked one reel to each side?

Hi there, Thanks for your inquiry. The two lights can not be hooked to the same side. Or it cause some issue,for instance, burn, low brightness and so on.

Has anyone had any luck finding 4 pin connectors for these?

Mine is 3 months old haven't had any issues to where I need to look for a set. Miss Radio Shack they had everything

I need a longer length like 50 feet how do I get an additional strand?

We would suggest to order another set. as there is the sideeffect when you connected more then 32ft. The light will geting dim due to undersupply. You can just buy another set and use the phone app control both at the same time.Thank you

is the waterproof model less bright in any way than the non waterproof model?

Dear customer, it is is the same brightness to non waterproof model.

Does this same light come with white background?

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Reviews in Led Light Strip Outdoor Products


Christi Y.

I wasn't expecting them to be this good. This picture is our after Christmas lights. Very bright and I like the ease of use. Installation was easy. Right now they are held up with the sticky backing but we are going to have to stick them better; as others have commented as well. So far they have been up for a month with only one section, at a corner, coming loose. Suggestion: preplan well. We sat on the floor and figured out how many strips in what combination would work. If we put 2 strips on one lead with a 3rd on the other it would go dim towards the end but if we used 2 on the other lead it stayed bright. We were able to connect 3 leads to one power block and it is the same brightness all the way across. We mixed and matched sets, one had a higher power block, and I would recommend that if you are planning on more than the recommended strips. We also did buy a small amplifier, designed for this, and that gave us the piece of mind that we wouldn't loose voltage as time went or after we got them up. Overall, I am very satisfied with the use and look. We plan on them staying up all year.


Alexandre M. Raposo

I decided to test the waters with these LED's after only ever using smart leds and I am VERY impressed. Packaging was great and I am able to hook up two strings of leds to go out in different directions. Control is through the remote and immediate. I plan on using these under the foot board of my kitchen!For the price, I really cannot complain at all. Great LED strips and very nice packaging, They look and feel pretty high quality. Time will tell if they last...but for now no complaints!

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