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Led Light With Usb

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OMTO LED Desk Lamp With Clip 1W Flexible Reading Book Light USB Power Supply
13% OFF
I have finally found the best desk lamp for my home office, and nothing's ever given just the perfect amount of light, this lamp is sleek, I can put it on full brightness when I'm reading text books or change to lower power settings if I'm surfing the net or go even lower if I want to play videogames or watch movies on my screen, materials are top quality and it's very easy to position the lamp so the LEDs aren't blinding you, that was my biggest problem with other lamps ... the exposed bulb, I also love that the power button for this lamp is illuminated when it's off so it would be easy to see in a dark room

OMTO LED Desk Lamp With Clip 1W Flexible Reading Book Light USB Power Supply



1M 3.5W DC5V USB RGB LED Strip Light with 24 Keys Remote Control Set
40% OFF
Everything works just fine. All colors are clear and everything. It's great for decorating especially around New Year!

1M 3.5W DC5V USB RGB LED Strip Light with 24 Keys Remote Control Set



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FAQ in Led Light With Usb Products

can i charge this via my USB port on my computer?

The USB port is meant for charging other devices (aka, plug a phone charger into the lamp). As far as I know, it serves only as a power out, not in. Also, the lamp doesn't run on batteries and needs to be plugged into an outlet. Hope that helps :)

How long is this supposed to charge? Just got mine and plugged it in for 12 hours light never turned blue. No power.

Mine charged up just fine in about 4 hours. First thing to check is that the charger is operating properly and power is going to the light.You might try it again and if no luck contact the seller for a replacement.

Is usb connection like the cig lighter have on off switch

Mine did not come with usb connection just car cig lighter adapter.

will this work on 220v?

Yes i do, i work. This is multvolt.

is there a setting that changes the color of the lights automatically?

Not that I know of.

What is the measurement of the arm from the base to the light bar?

From the top of the base to the top joint it is 17". The light bar is adjustable up and down so it could be higher or lower than that for the light bar itself.

How many brightness levels are there?

I have found that these particular set don't get super bright, but they do have a fare range of brightness.

Just to verify, do you get two lights or just one.

There are 3 options available, Size: 2pack(L+S) is two lights, one is L, one is S,Size L: only one light LSize: S: Only one light S

How much light do these motion sensor closet lights give off?

This motion activated led cabinet lights provide 100 lumens.

Can they be connected to create a longer strands?

No, they can not be attached to each other.

Will it stay on in dark room or can it be set to motion even though it's in a black cabinet?

I have one under the sink and it is in a dark closet. It turns on when I open the door and shuts off a few seconds after no movement is detected or if the door is closed

Can i connect this to a permanent 12v batter source rather than a 5v usb source? can someone please help...

I bought a similar product and it worked good with the USB and said sweet and cut it off and hardwired it not thinking the usb is 5v and it worked for a couple seconds then it went dim and never worked properly. So I'm going to go with no. But they make one with a cigarette litter on the end so I'm going to try that one next.
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Reviews in Led Light With Usb Products



As I said in the title, it's very interesting ... but it does not really stick to the TV case ... although I previously degreased the TV case and alcohol solution, the tape does not really stick to it. The rest, nothing to reproach .



cute, usb ports to charge phone etc, light sensor



Die Lampe kam sicher verpackt an. Die Qualität ist sehr gut. Das dimmen und die verschiedenen Farben lassen sich nach etwas ausprobieren gut einstellen.



Nessun problema Carica molto velocemente Molto economico



really good purchase, really comfortable and pretty!


George M. Regnery

I'm happy with this purchase

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