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Man Watch Stainless Steel

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CURREN Men Stainless Steel Analog Quartz Watch
6% OFF
The watch is great! It is a copy of Casio Edefice and the quality is really good. It has some weight to it and it shines like an expensive watch. The one to the right is the Curren watch.

CURREN Men Stainless Steel Analog Quartz Watch



Men Stainless Steel Band Quartz Watch
27% OFF
Lindo demais, muito top o material, gostei muito, veio até com uma bateria reserva!
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Men Stainless Steel Band Quartz Watch



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FAQ in Man Watch Stainless Steel Products

Can you replace the watch band?

Yes, but why would you want to replace the band? It is so pretty.

Is it durable? Does it have any kind of impact resistance?

I have had no problems with this watch, but I don't wear it while I work.

How do I adjust the length on my own? I am looking to make the watch tighter on my wrist.

Apparently we have the same problem the watch that I got it length was big for my wrist. And im looking to get it adjusted

How to change the date?

Institution manual contains the details.

if i wash my hands with this watch on would it break?

It isn't the strongest leather watchband on the market but it should endure handwashing.

what is its weight?

3.3 oz as worn on my wrist.

Does the band come with al three size adapters?

No, you need to order the size that will fit your watch

Does it come in a nice box to give as a gift?

Yes, each watch is equipped with a nice box, It is enough as a gift box.

How is the shipping? in how many days can i have this order?

We offer free UPS ground in the U.S.

Can you replace the band?

Yes. It has the loaded springs like most watches.

how often do we need to change the battery?

Battery can be used for one year.

Does this watch change color after certain period of time

no it does not change color, I have the white background which can be hard to read in daylight

how long does the battery last?

it is a good battery and i like this watch because it last for a long period more than one year

Do it change color

I have not tried it yet

Doest it goes with an seiko skx007?

I don't know ,but you want to buy to make it fix on your watch to measure you watch band and buy the same band width .it will be ok

Can I see the time in the dark?

This black dial watch has a luminous function ,You can see the pointer and dial in the dark..and hopes to help you know time in the dark night. :)

What is the band made of? Also, is it waterproof?

It is made of stainless steel, and so far it wrks good in water

What is the warranty on this watch? I bought it back in March 2016. Changed the battery and it's not working.

Warranty: Timex 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Will this band fit an invicta excursion

It should. Invicta states the Excursion band is 26mm wide.

Is the dial backlit?

No, hands are not luminous.

I have very large wrist.Do they include extra links?

No they don't and it's a bad watch I do not reccomend it! Save your money and buy a decent watch.

Are the links on this watchband solid or hollow? And Are the holes on the mounting link large enough in diameter to use the factory watchband bars?

Hi,friend,this is solid strap,use the about 1.2mm spring bar pins for connecting to your watch

What is the case diameter? Prefferably in Millimeters. Thank you.

36mm, 40mm if you include the stem

How do I make it smaller

It comes with a small pin-like tool to remove the desired links. The removable links start at two links from the clasp.

Can you make this shorter to fit your size of your arm?

Is ok

does it come with a full battery inside it allready.

Yes a nice watch

are there any instructions for adjusting the band?

yeah there is and comes with a tool to do it right. nice watch

Is there a place to get a replacement band for this watch? It has broken twice already since May.

Sorry I can't help on that you may try to contact the seller if possible but also I'm sure are many online is just take the time to search for it. Good luck !!

What is the fit like? Is it small like F91 or bigger like w800h?

The band is adjustable

Is this watch powered by solar?

yes,you look"eco-drive"

will this band fit an invictia grand diver watch?

Sorry I can't help you I truly don't no.

What grade of steel is this bracelet made from?

Hi,friend,304 Stainless Steel

What is case diameter?

The case diameter is 41 millimeters.

Does this watch come with a battery?

Yes But this is powered by light. No need to change the battery like a regular quartz wstch

What o the buttons do?

They are knobs pull them out and turn them top controls watch hands middle controls date and bottom resets timer

Is the second hand functional or cosmetic ?

Yes it functional. And its show second
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Reviews in Man Watch Stainless Steel Products



I love this watch. I wear it almost every day. It keeps accurate time and it looks great. I have gotten many compliments and people asking where I got it. My only complaint is that the post under the clasp broke off after about a month. It doesn't affect the clasp and the watch has never unlatched or fallen off. I would definitely purchase this again!



This is a nice, heavy watch. It looks professional and classy. This is my new date night/meeting/interview/special occasion watch until I can afford a more expansive watch. I'm satisfied and will recommend this product.



I like this watch, it has a great face and looks good on. The expansion band does tend to pinch the skin and make it irratated. Overall it's a good watch and keeps great time.



Keeps time just fine......nice to be able to find a watch that didn't have a date or time to keep set correctly......a little difficult for some folks to manage!


Robert L. Federline

Timex is still the king of watches. They last and run hard. Too many times upon having the battery replaced I have had watches disabled in one fashion or another, so I opted not to have the date or day display. I have now owned this watch for a full third of a year, and it has neither gained nor lost any time. It is as good as the clock on the smartphone. It is comfortable to wear. The flexible band was one of the selling points drawing me to the watch. If you gain and lose weight to affect your wrists, give it careful consideration. I have also received multiple compliments on how it looks. It is appropriate for casual and for formal wear. It is one of the best values in a timepiece I have had in a long time, far better than much more expensive watches.

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