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FAQ in Men Watches New Products

is this a replica or authentic because the watch shown in your pictures is a replica.

It's real

Does the watch light up in the dark?

Yes it does.

Please could you tell me how it really is made in India and not made in China?

It's made in China. On the back of the watch says Japan Movement. The box came with a 3 year warranty of guess. Original Box and the original use booklet. Buy with confidence. Don't worry it is a original watch. Good look and 100 meters waterproof.

Hi! I want to know if it has a two year warranty? and also if it is an original michael kors watch?

Im not sure about the warranty i lost the papers...but i can assure you it is the original MK watch. I took it to the mall and checked.

Can you make and receive calls with an non-LTE version as long as its paired with your phone?

If your watch connected via Bluetooth with your phone you can do it...

How do I shorten the clasp band on Michael Kors slim runway watch

We would recommend taking the watch to a local reputable jeweler for further assistance in adjusting the bracelet.

Can I pair this watch with iPhone?

Yes. But it will not work with Samsung Pay if you're connected to an iPhone. Samsung Pay requires a Samsung Android phone.

I just purchased the watch MK8344...I've read some review saying it's not original & now I'm having second thoughts

No seller risk there store for a fake watchAll are original

What are the dimensions on the face of the watch (how wide is the watch)?

It's bigger than it seems

How do you remove the links to adjust the watch?

Like any other watch. Push out in direction of arrows. They are very tight and blend in well on this bracelet. Tricky but doable.

is the strap water resistant? will it stay wet after swimming? thank you

It stays dry!

Is this watch heavy?

The face is pretty heavy but the band feels very light.

Do they make replacement bands for this watch?

I don't know if they make an exact duplicate replacement band. My sons a watch guy and changes bands on watches all the time. If one cannot be obtained from Bulova, I'm sure a good watch repair business should be able to replace the band that is very close to the original. Hope this helps.

Is this watch new and does it come in its original MK box?

Yes. New in its original box.

Is the brass coloring brass or plated?

it is a grate product i like it very much

Is this watch real? It's for my bf and he's very picky.

Yes, it is authentic Michael kors watch.

Is this watch authentic

I can't be 100% sure, however, it looks and weight wise, it seems to be.

Is it fake or real

My son and I went to a Michael Kors store and they verified it was real.

If it's an original watch then why does the description about the watch say that its a dylan watch when clearly it is a Lexington gold tone watch ??

Thank you for letting us know! We will have our product team fix the incorrect description.This item is of the Lexington MK8494.

Does it waterproof?

Yes, this watch waterproof 30m (98ft). It coule be use in daily life,but not suit for swimming. For example, you can use it when you washing hands/ cooking/ do housework...

Is it rated for 30 degree weather?

I work in a refrigerator with the temp anywhear from 30-40 degrees and it's perfect for those temps. I go into our freezer with the temp set to 0 and with this cap and the Serius fleece lined face mask/neck warmer it works excelently

Is it waterproof!?

I don't know

Reviews suggest they run big. Will it fit 7 1/4. head snug (comfortably, not to loose)?

They are not made tight. My husband is a 7 1/8 and he says it's comfortable, not too tight, not too loose either

Can I use this for swimming laps daily

I don't know for sure, but it may be a little risky.

Dos the band come with extra lunes? how can í get if i want the watch?

Contact a local jeweler. They were able to order additional links and installed them on my watch. My watch loses about 3 minutes each day.

Can the watch be paired with 2 different bluetooth devices simultaneously like Samsung S8+ phone and earbuds and/or car audio system?


is this a mans watch. I am a man, and do not want a woman watch

Yes it's a man's watch. I got it for my sons 21st birthday and he loved it. It's highly recommended.

how do I know the watch is real?

Don't really know. It was a gift. Sorry
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Reviews in Men Watches New Products



Great watch, this is my 3rd G-Shock watch and I really like them. I'm a Swiss watch guy, but my line of work requires me to have a durable watch that won't get destroyed by the elements and G-Shock has always provided that for me. This particular watch looks great and the green hands make it stand out. It feels rugged and very durable, as you would expect from a G-Shock, but also looks semi-formal so you can wear it with just about anything- camos while hunting or jeans and a nice shirt. The reason for only 4 stars is because of the backlight. It sucks, and I mean really sucks. You can't see any of the digital but luckily you can see the hands. Overall great watch and I would buy another one in the future.



I bought this watch as a wedding gift for my husband. And the quality of the watch is wonderful! We bought wooden watches for all the groomsmen but wanted his to be a little more special. The face of the watch is real wood which I love. It has so much character and doesn't make it look cheap with a fake wood sticker on the face. He always gets complements on it every where we go!The only down side to this watch is that it smudges very easily on the metal. And there is a small gap in the wood between the glass on the face and the metal on the band. It's not noticeable really but my husband is a bit OCD so not much slides past him! Otherwise we couldn't be more happy!



Was looking for a vintage field watch look which this is just perfect and received one where the second hand does to accurately around the dial which I'm most happy with. For the money and extremely goodbye Timex knows how to make a quality Lodge at an affordable Price die on many watches and I can say that this is one of my favorites thank you.


Harry Neevus

So, you wanna buy a watch? There are only 750,921 choices out there and some are good. This particular watch purchase was made based on a few criteria. Looks, function, durability and price. At under $100, it does what it needs to do reliably and looks good doing it. It's not the friendliest watch to set up and program but if you've owned these kinds of watches before or are even moderately adventurous, you'll figure it out through trial and error. The tiny manual that comes with has the look and feel of a Cracker Jacks prize and while somewhat useful, lacks the straight-forward step by step programming info you'd like it to have. Just do it anyway. You'll find you're better at this then you thought. Once set up, you're golden. The bright green hands show up well against the face making it much easier to read than my previous, 3 times more expensive watch with the faulty $50 band that seemed so cool when I bought it. Casio watches have been on my wrist for nearly 40 years (yeah, I'm THAT old) and frankly, I have always been satisfied with the quality. I tend to be rough on watches and the G-Shock line holds up well to door knobs, rocks, slip & falls and other daily abuse I generate. I still have a 10+ year old Casio Solar Watch that still functions. In fact, I can't kill it! I have lower expectations for this one but hey, now I have choices... So do you. Choose wisely.


Kelvin J.

Watch is definitely nice was nervous buying online buy took it to the Michael kors stores and it's authentic

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