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Mini Thins

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Ultra-thin Aluminum Mini Qi Wireless Charger Non-slip for iPhone X
bardzo dobrze wykonana.cena do jakości 5 w zestawie nie ma ładowarki tylko adapter i kabel USB.

Ultra-thin Aluminum Mini Qi Wireless Charger Non-slip for iPhone X


Mini Universal Ultra-thin Multi-function TV Remote Control
6% OFF
it worked with my sony TV. but in fact i hoped it could learn codes because the remote of our bathroom heater is going to die and i am looking to clone it. no way to have this information. gb answers are often dodgy. i confirm this remote can not learn codes of another remote. the other led in the front of the remote is just a red led that lights up when a button is pressed. i hoped it were an ir reciever but it is not. so my issue is not resolved. i still need a small ir remote that can clone my dying heater remote. if someone knows about such a thing please give me the link on my YouTube video. thank you
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Mini Universal Ultra-thin Multi-function TV Remote Control



Mini Universal Ultra-thin Multi-function Keychain TV Remote Control
After trying to find a remote that worked for my TV via certain bidding website and buying dedicated remotes for that brand that didn't work i was pleasantly surprised by this tiny one working for me. All you do is hold the mute button till the TV shows that its muted and BOOM, you have a working remote.

Mini Universal Ultra-thin Multi-function Keychain TV Remote Control


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FAQ in Mini Thins Products

What kind of portable inhailer do I need?

I bought the rubber bulb squeeze one but I had better results with a regular nebulizer

I have a hard time swallowing pills. Are these very large? Do they have a bad taste to them?

Pills are part of the regular American diet in which came I will assume you are one of friendly neighbors... you could also just drink coffee :)

what kind of machine can these refills be used with?

Auroa handheld nebulizer

Can i dilute with water?


Does this bumper fit any standard crib size?

Yes, standard crib size, measuring 52 by 28 inch.

chemical consistency


Will it fit/be secure on a crib with a solid headboard?

Yes just tie it on the ends

What is the expiration date on these?

Exp. Date of 80ct Bottle is 07/2017

Which specific kind of iron does this contain? FERROUS sulfate or iron bisglycinate? And it the vitamin CHELATED? I did not see the type of iron specified on the bottle, but I hope the website will help.

What are the description of the pills you guys received?

Its was a waste of money. Nothing like the real thing.

How long does the energy last that you get from these pills?

I recommend but you have to take first thing in the morning otherwise doesn't work, take one hour before breakfast and you should be fine the whole day
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Reviews in Mini Thins Products


Samantha Bobbitt

Seem to give me energy, not looking for weight loss.


Charles Lockett

Like everything about it I will continue to order



I have used this product for many years. This product help me lose my first 20 pounds in high school and continues to provide me my much-needed support for my occasional weight gain. One word of caution to new customers. There's a period of about 3 to 7 days were your body has to get used to this pill and you feel ill, nauseous and just plain lousy. Of course this is depending on your age, health and food intake.I usually experience about a week of this roller coaster, however, if I'm able to muster through it I experienced a extreme weight loss in extreme energy. Make sure to hydrate constantly as you will be sweating profusely. In the matter of weeks you can tell that you've lost weight and you'll be ever so glad.This product truly does work but caution must be used while under the effects of this thermogenic medication. I always recommend this pill to friends and family who want to lose that few extra pounds.PS: Control your caloric intake it because it is the key to weight loss in any weight loss routine.


Helena the Lonely Kitsune

I originally bought this product as a starter kit from Walmart. The machine broke quickly. Found out they work good in a nebulizer. Walmart doesn't sell starter kits anymore and now they have all but eliminated this product off the shelves. Happy to find it here since I couldn't find it at any of the other major drug stores. This the only product that works for my husband's asthma when he is out of his emergency inhaler and asthma medication. It makes a good bow between for him if he forgets to renew his meds.


Braeden Phillips

I jus love the stacker 3s only the xplc ones work... They keep me alert and awake when I need to be. The number one thing I want u to keep in mind is here in Pennsylvania they took em out of all my stores so make sure u always have them available for me to order... Thanks!!!

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