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Multi Folding

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Sanrenmu GA - T11 Multi-function Folding Knife
17% OFF
Удивительный нож. Маленький, на вид неказистый, но удобный. Собран качественно, люфта нигде нет, клинок стоит по центру. Остро заточен. Клипса может ставиться в трех положениях. Еще и открывалка есть. Amazing knife. A small, on kind of unsightly, but convenient. Assembled high quality, play anywhere, blade is centered. Sharpened. The clip can be placed in three positions. There's also a bottle opener.

Sanrenmu GA - T11 Multi-function Folding Knife



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Reviews in Multi Folding Products



Very sturdy build with a threaded handle for extra strength and durability. Compact and lightweight. Great tool for the money.



This knife is good but not exceptional. The knife didn't keep its edge very well when cutting up some cardboard boxes so I'm not sure that it is 440 steel. The fit and finish isn't great - see the photos. However - it was inexpensive, so I'll still give it 4 stars.


Edward Naughton

Handy little shovel with winter coming. Comes with handy storage bag.



Brilliant little knife for the price... nice and sharp and perfect to just slip in your pocket..



I've bought many of these knives in various configurations and all I can say is that I am so proud to gift these to people who are interested in having a handmade and unique knife that can easily be razor sharp with little effort, I think that for those who are uncomfortable with knives because they can be used as a weapon, the leverage lock mechanism seemingly discourages any tactical use ... a `` safe' knife if you will, Oh but it is a thirsty blade ready to cut



I have a lot of folding knives, The knife is thinner than I thought which is great


Tammy H

Good quality piece and can cut through most stuff, I have not tested it on tougher materials but it a good knife to have around


jason English

awesome....I love sharp out of box you can shave....dont like the freemason symbol on it tho


Sanremnu 3119sue-sp

it is back to ussr knife. very good bulid sharp usefull hard sturdy compact pocket knife. i put it in necklace. this 4th in my series there are another 3 in colors and design. And last year i saw the new sanrenmu spinner knife and rounded like this.



Ultra compact multi tool very useful. I love it.

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