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Neck Strap

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FAQ in Neck Strap Products

I have an iPhone 5S and think this one will fit. What is the full length of the strap.

Lanyard strap is total around 90cm.

Is this strap sturdy enough for my Alto Sax?

It's sturdy and it will hold up quite well.

How much weight can this hold? I bought one that said 250 and it ripped at 80 lbs. I want one that can hold at least 200 lbs.

The most i put on was 45 and heavy reps. 200 lbs is another for the neck. I'm impress

It's the strap that goes around your neck silicone or cloth?

It is cloth! I love mine!

can you slide your fingers under the cradle straps so you can hold the phone with the strap while reading, etc?

Two fingers, maybe.

Does this fit people with big heads?

I can simply say there is ample room to accommodate all size heads. In other words there is enough velcro throughout all straps. I highly recommend this product!

What is the width of the part of the strap that hooks to the camera? Is it half inch, 3/8"?

The part if the strap that hooks to the camera is 3/8". It's a great strap and I use it on my Nikon D3200.
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Reviews in Neck Strap Products


Kindle Customer

My company will not let us wear lanyards that do not have release tabs. I'm a tech. who climbs ladders, so hooking your lanyard on a wire frame is quite possible. The release clip this lanyard has keeps you from hanging yourself.

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