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Neon Light Strip

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BRELONG 5m DC12V White EL LED Neon Cold Strip Light
35% OFF
яркий красивый шнур можно гнуть как хочешь не боится воды масса применений удобный модуль от двух батареек покупкой доволен
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BRELONG 5m DC12V White EL LED Neon Cold Strip Light



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FAQ in Neon Light Strip Products

If I have two of these units in the same room can they operate separately or would they both respond to one remote?

You can use one remote to control two lights.

I'd like to have several colors (3-5) separately swirling on my wall. How many transformers and remotes do I need?

Each purchase is a complete set. Plugs in to 110 wall outlet so for each color you would need a spot to plug the light in. Hope this helps.

Reviews in Neon Light Strip Products



yes, there is a solid constant beep, is it crazy bright? no, will work well for various purposes I have in mind.



So its true it makes a verry low humming noise but its almost inaudible especially over the sound of your phone but it holds memory pretty well i shouldve bought two lol



Does make a squeal noise but i you put it behind something you won't hear it their is a lot more wire than expected... made a neon sign for my room love this product will buy again

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