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Ninebot Xiami

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FAQ in Ninebot Xiami Products

What can I do when the scooter is not balanced?

You need to adjust the balance system according to the user manual.

Why does the balance scooter not receive a charge?

Make sure the charging port is correct and check the wire connection, try a new power adapter if necessary.

Why is there no response when pressing the power button?

Open the housing case to check the connection wire, replug the connection does the balance scooter and restart the balance scooter.

Which side should I take as the front side?

Both sides are suitable, you can choose the one you prefer.

How to test if your balance scooter charger is broken?

To find out if your balance scooter charger is broken, perform the following test: How to test if your balance scooter charger is broken

How to use your balance scooter?

It takes only 5 steps to use your balance scooter: How to use your balance scooter?

Which side should I take as front side?

Both sides are suitable, you can choose the one you prefer. Just have a look at this balance scooter FAQ list which can help you deal with the problems and save your time: Newbie troubleshooting guide: balance scooter FAQs

Why scooter runs but is very slow?

1. Check tire pressure.

2. Check both wheels to see if they rotate freely. Brake adjustment could be too tight (drum type brakes) or too much brake fluid in reservoir on disc brake models.

How to master the balancing on an e-scooter?

Riding a two-wheeled scooter can be difficult for beginners, but there is a way to master it: Tech lowdown: master the art of balancing on an e-scooter

Can this item be shipped to my country?

We can deliver orders to most countries. For a detailed explanation of each shipping method, destination and approximate delivery time, please check our posts:

GearBest shipping methods

20 things you need to know when shopping on GearBest

Short guide on tracking fees and shipping insurance on GearBest

GearBest shipping memo: save money on delivery by choosing the best option

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Reviews in Ninebot Xiami Products



super produit, super rapide en livraison, je suis content et je le recommande à tout le monde, la petite suspension est super, idéal pour les pavé et la fixation est simple pour le montage. à voir en durée de temps.


Allen Michael

the quality is very good, before buying a scooter is now small, is a very good scooters



Took a little time to get it and to come in to „motion“ but then its enormous fun: indoor! Or on any other really smooth surfaces.



Bonjour à Tous. Commande conforme à la description. Satisfait de mon achat aussi. Bien protégé dans son emballage. Reste un point noir la livraison qui longue. Mais le suivi est au point et fiable. Donc un point positif tout de même dans l'ensemble. Merci à GEARBEST. Continuez bien et bonne journée.



Finally everything worked well. I am satisfied with the Artikel and the Service in total was very good. Why only 4 stars? Because the shipping time has to be improved. It was longer as expected and took overall 1,5 months which is much to long. I would recommend to gearbest to offer - in Addition to the current shipping - a fast shipping Option, which can be choosed (and payed) or not.



General good quality <BR>amazing power. <BR>long lasting batteries <BR>wonderful app. to handle the device <BR>good Price.

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