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Portable Grinder

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Portable Stainless Steel Grinder
31% OFF

Portable Stainless Steel Grinder



Stainless Steel Portable Electric Pepper Grinder Seasoning Grinding Kitchen Tool
24% OFF
Довольно крупная и тяжелая вещь. На картинке кажется меньше. Приехала быстро, всё работает. Красиво выглядит. Недостатков не обнаружено.

Stainless Steel Portable Electric Pepper Grinder Seasoning Grinding Kitchen Tool



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Hand Portable Coffee Grinder
41% OFF

Hand Portable Coffee Grinder



FAQ in Portable Grinder Products

What size drive shaft? Is it 5/8"??


Does the product come with a Type 1 guard necessary for cutting?

Just spoke with DeWalt customer service. The actual part number for the type 1 guard to match with the 115mm (4.5 in) DWE402 angle grinder is N311419. Should be about $10 bucks. Search for it at

how much coffee can you grind at a time ?

I used the burr grinder for the first time and thought it ground very little coffee and took a whole lot of effort. Two facts: we drink two 10 once cups every day and I've been told our coffee is very strong. After you select the correct setting ( it took some time for me to figure out ) the grind is even.

For coarse grinds, are the individual ground pieces about the same size (consistent), or is there a mix of coarse and fine particles?

Mainly coarse, very consistent as a grind. There are a few smaller pieces but really not an issue.

Does it have grind settings? I want course for my French press

There are no settings, you just grind for longer for finer grain

How much HP is this grinder?

I checked the grinder and it doesn't show a HP rating, My opinion, It's a very strong grinder for a 4 1/2 inch grinder but it is a little heavy.I use it with cut off wheels to cut 3/16" steel and it doesn't bog down at all

Can you adjust how coarse or fine you want your coffee beans in this model?

Just press down, the longer the finer grain

What is weight of this grinder DWE4214

Unit weight is 6.18 lbs.

make in ??

It's made in china.
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Reviews in Portable Grinder Products


M. Villanueva

For those who knock a manual burr grinder for taking too long or being too laborious, these grinders are a ceramic mill on a crank. That's how they work. Tasty coffee is a labor of love. This grinder does the job, and it does it quite well. Knocking this down one star because although the adjustment feature offers really fine tune adjustment on your grind (read: it's just a screw), I'd prefer adjustments on a scale with very clear, obvious steps or clicks. That's just my preference.



i started using this product few days ago and it is wonderful. I've been looking for a portable spice grinder and i bought this product. So far the product works great. Looks small yet powerful. It has a jar which is detachable from the motor and pretty much easy to clean. It comes with a tiny brush to clean the bowl after use. I normally grind spices for my curries. But this product really made it easy. Will surely recommend


K. Redman

Works good and makes a pretty consistent grind for something like this at its price point. I attach a drill to make an espresso grind. Pictures show two grinds- First is open one turn from closed and the second is half a turn from closed.



I previously used an electric blade grinder and was wondering if a burr grinder really made much of a difference for coffee -- turns out it actually really does! Burr grinding produces better tasting grounds than blade. True facts. Just wanted to say that in case anyone reading this is thinking of converting from blade to burr without spending too much money.As for the grinder itself, I really like it! I've been using it to make fresh coffee every day for two weeks and it hasn't let me down. I was worried manual grinding would be too much of a chore but it's really not that bad since I grind coarse for my french press (takes about 2 minutes for 33g), anything finer would of course take longer. The upper chamber can hold about 33g of beans at once, which could make 2-3ish cups of coffee. Cleaning this grinder by hand is also quick and easy, but you can use it for about a week before actually needing to wash out the bean oils with warm soapy water.The manual mentioned emailing Aromory for a lifetime warranty, so I did that and they were friendly and quick to reply. Don't forget to do that if you purchase this grinder!



This grinder is worth its weight in stainless! I first purchased a manual grinder for 6x the price of this one and had to return it for poor performance. This 304 grade stainless steel grinder is consistent for a coarse grind for vacuum pot every time! It also is consistent for a fine grind too. Easy to operate, easy to clean. Comes with a lovely little travel pouch which I chuckled at when it arrived but now understand that you won't leave home without it!

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