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Huicai 3D Printer PLA Wood Filament Silk 1.75mm 1kg Spool Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.02mm
Fast delivery, well vacuum packed!! Easy to print, nearly same like Standard PLA. Print SLOW - about half of "normal" PLA. It smells realy like Wood while printing!! I will reorder this if it is empty!

Huicai 3D Printer PLA Wood Filament Silk 1.75mm 1kg Spool Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.02mm


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FAQ in Printer Wood Products

How to make my 3D-printed models look smooth and shining?

Acetone Vapor is an easy way to smooth your ABS prints. Please check the specific steps in this guide:

Acetone Vapor - A great way to make your 3D-printed models look smooth and awesome

Reviews in Printer Wood Products


Evan Sidney

We have been running this printer almost everyday since buying it. That's about 20 days. Many of the printed items took 4 hours to 14 hours due to the size. It had shown outstanding performance. We decided to go with this larger printer and we are glad we did. The density of the item can be adjusted from almost hollow to completely filled. It does take a while to put it together. I advise to do as we did. Use a table that is stable and very level. Level the table if necessary. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! Lightly tighten the screws for the frame until all the screws are in. Then snug them up a little Continuously check the level. Once the printer is fully built and it is level, THEN fully tighten all the screws and retighten all of the other screws. I would highly recommend this printer to anyone.


King Dulles

This printer completely met my expectations. I had a bad first experience in the 3d printing world with the mendelmax2. It was just too finicky to get setup and printing properly. This thing though lives up to the hype. Largely pre-assembled except from the vertical elements. It really is very well thought out. If you have any experience with 3d printers, you'll find this simple. If you're not mechanically or electrically inclined, it will take you longer because you're surely being overly cautious.


Park Jooho

It's awesome for education of 3d printing. I made my girl happy. Bed has little bit problem but it's ok. One problem is not much information for z6 model. Let me study^^



The perfect pack of 3D plastic to keep you building and enjoying for Hours. There are so many choices and colors inside this pack that you wont need to look anywhere else for the perfect match to your 3D pen.


Claude Lucius

I am amazed at how well this printer prints! Assembly was pretty easy as they do a lot of the pre-assembly for you. Works flawlessly!


GORRE Olivier

Sturdy Frame. (add some angle bracket for perpendicularity) <BR>Robust design. <BR>Black anodised Aluminium profiles are looking good. <BR>Stable bed. (only going down) <BR>nice cable chains ! <BR>No ball bearing for X and Y ! wheels sliding in the V slots ! <BR>Epoxy plate provided, just add some masking tape on it ... <BR> <BR>It\'s a 3d printer : you can upgrade some stuff that are not optimal


Cherry Woolf

If you are someone who enjoys tinkering you will love this printer. Better print size and quality than everything in this price range. I was getting excellent prints day 1 after the two-hour process of assembling the printer. I followed a YouTube guide. I now have had the printer run for hundreds of hours and it is consistently giving me good results. There is a very active community for this printer at that can help troubleshoot and diagnose problems, as well as offer lots of advice. I honestly don't see why anyone would buy any other printer besides this one unless you're going to spend the money for a much higher end model.



Best printer for the money. quality prints right out of the box.

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