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Rubber Board

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FAQ in Rubber Board Products

just the board is how many pound please? Can i saw it shorter by 3 inches?

This board is 5 lbs. Custom sizes are available. If you cut it, the board loses it's integrity

Is the board made of the same material and composition as the 2cm Asahi boards? I've read some say the 13mm boards are softer than the 2cm boards.

Reviews in Rubber Board Products



The quality is good. It is a bit pricy but the quality of these peg board is crucial for safety reason. If made of plastic, it will chip as pastic gets brittle over time. I dont want the little dots or pegs to fly into any kids eyes.


aja b

The product is fine. I comes in a plain box no writing or pictures. The geovoard is an 8 by 8 board. The material is wood. Cards a small for kids. Wish it came with more cards and rubber bands at this price. You can find this cheaper.

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