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Samsung Headset

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Earphone For iPhone Samsung Xiaomi Huawei 3.5MM Stereo Headphone Headsets Bass Earbuds
this is very good item, the sound is clear,and i am going to recommend my friends. this is easy to use.

Earphone For iPhone Samsung Xiaomi Huawei 3.5MM Stereo Headphone Headsets Bass Earbuds


Wired Earphones  Hi-Fi Super Heavy Bass Headset for iPhone Samsung  Huawei  LG  HTC    OnePlus  & other Android devices
Ear piece is too big. Doesnt fit in to ear. Sound is good. Packaging is good. Its not a very good product but can be used as a alternative option.

Wired Earphones Hi-Fi Super Heavy Bass Headset for iPhone Samsung Huawei LG HTC OnePlus & other Android devices


DL422 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Foldable Sport Earphone Headset Handfree Calling Microphone
28% OFF
This product îs veri good. Gearbest îs The number one.

DL422 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Foldable Sport Earphone Headset Handfree Calling Microphone



ShengQuT15 Bluetooth Headphones In-Ear Wireless Magnetic Sweatproof Headset
well can work up to 4 hrs use and I can carry my own stuff on micro sd card was the main points and the price as well

ShengQuT15 Bluetooth Headphones In-Ear Wireless Magnetic Sweatproof Headset


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FAQ in Samsung Headset Products

Why the headphones does not charge?

Please make sure both ends of the USB cable are securely connected. If you use a power outlet, ensure that the power supply is connected securely and the outlet works. If you use a computer, make sure it is connected and the USB port is powered. Turn on the headset and then turn them off. Disconnect and reconnect the USB charging cable.

Why the headphone disconnect with the mobile phone within 10 meters?

Please check if there is metal or any other material within a relatively close range that may interfere with the Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth is a radio technology that is sensitive to objects positioned between the headphone and the connected device.

There is no audio signal, what can i do?

Check if the head phones are turned off. Check if the headphone is paired. If necessary, pair the headphones with the audio source again. Check the connection of your audio source. If the volume is too low, turn up the volume.

Why can't I use the headphones to adjust the volume or select the track on the App of mobile phone?

App Software settings may vary according to some functions of the App itself not depending on the phone.

Why the headphones cannot pair with mobile phone?

1. Please check whether your headphone is in pairing mode or reconnect mode and check whether your mobile phone Bluetooth search function is opened;

2. Check your mobile device's Bluetooth menu and delete / forget the headphones, then reconnect the headphones following the instructions in the user manual.

How to choose a headset?

You can refer to this post: How to choose a headset

Why my smartphone can't find my Bluetooth headphones?

1. Make sure your smartphone and headphones are close enough to one another when you want to connect them;

2. Check the manufacturer's recommended pairing process;

3. Try turning them off and on again;

4. Turn off or remove any interfering devices;

5. Move away from the WiFi router.

What factors affect the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets?

The factors that really affect the sound quality of Bluetooth are the protocols for transmitting audio and the encoding technology. At present, there are four mainstream coding technologies on the market: ACC, SBC, APT-X, and LDAC. Now, we will tell you what is the difference between them? Please check this post: 4 audio coding technologies tell you the secret of Bluetooth sound quality

Why there is static whenever I listen to music on my Bluetooth headphones?

1. First you should disable or turn off any other unused Bluetooth devices in the area;

2. If the static doesn't go away try resetting your headphones;

3. Turn on your media player, then disconnect your headphones for 30 seconds and then re-pair them;

4. Reduce the distance between your smartphone and your headphones, as this also helps reduce any static.

How many kinds of headphones are there in the market?

Please check this post: How much do you really know about headphones?

Why my devices cannot recognize the bluetooth headphones?

1.The Bluetooth feature in the phone is not turned on.

2. The headset is not in pairing / discoverable mode. The phone will not find the headset unless the headset is in this mode.

Can this item be shipped to my country?

We can deliver orders to most countries. For a detailed explanation of each shipping method, destination and approximate delivery time, please check our website:

GearBest shipping methods

20 things you need to know when shopping on GearBest

Short guide on tracking fees and shipping insurance on GearBest

GearBest shipping memo: save money on delivery by choosing the best option

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Reviews in Samsung Headset Products


Artur Manuel

Excelent price, seems good quality, falta testar o produto para verificar a sua resistência e ergonomia, mas parece bom nesta primeira impressão.






thank you guys I received another package from you I'm very happy about it and I recommend everyone to buy from this website


abdul Rahman alkhaya

The goods very excellent seller and very fast in shipping



high quality, excellent sounds!!



this headset sound better than a JBL that I have. the wire is very resistant. nothing bad to say.

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