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FAQ in Saw Blade Products

How does this blade compare to the freud d1050x? they look the same but there is a difference in price. can anybody tell me the difference?

I have used both and this blade worked better. Stays sharper than d1050x.

Will it work/fit on a saw with 16 mm arbor? I understands that 5/8" is not exactly 16 mm, but the image on this page claim 16mm support

5/8" is 15.875 mm, which is roughly 16 mm. I have a Bosch circular saw for the European market, so its arbor is 16 mm, and the blade fits perfectly. Hope my answer does help you.

Does this include the key to remove the blade from the saw?

No. Your saw should have this already. Mine has an Allen key that is held in a slot on the saw body.

Will these blades fit in a skil saw?

These blades are for reciporcating saw

I have a skil table saw with a 10" blade 5/8 can I use This blade to replace old blade??

Yes, you should get a cut fine cut with it.
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Reviews in Saw Blade Products


BDC Designs

I replaced my stock Dewalt miter saw blade with the 12 inch Diablo and have been very impressed. I have cut through 1,000s of BF of lumber ranging from Western Red Cedar to 16/4 White Oak and have had no issue so far.The blade goes through lumber like butter and leaves a very smooth finish that hardly requires sanding. For the money, this blade is hard to beat.


Michael Reilly

Installed this in our new Bosch glide 12" saw and I'm super impressed! Cross cutting 2x4s produces an almost flawless finish. See the pictures attached. The one is the edge from the hardware store, the other is the cut surface which shows only minor blade marks.


Salli & Gene

Using on a Dewalt slider. Nice clean cuts. Replaced the 60 tooth that came with the saw, It worked fine but this one is better. Very pleased with this Diablo.



I use these for my general plumbing calls. These blades handled cutting into drywall and cutting through existing studs with screws. They handle the cuts very well. The alternating TPI pattern really helps with this. These blades were perfect for tearing through studs and walls with clean cuts.



I have a DeWalt 12" double bevel sliding compound miter saw. I don't want to say that the Dewalt blade that came with the unit is junk, but I'll say that the cuts that it made left a rough unappealing finish. This Diablo blade cut effortlessly and left a fine smooth finish at the cut line. Very happy with this blade, and a must have if you are doing crown molding.

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