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Shock Absorption Shoes

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FAQ in Shock Absorption Shoes Products

Are these soles good for normal arch?

Yes.These sport insoles are good for normal arch. The isparks sport high arch support designed insole robustly functions to balance the force structure of the foot.

will this help with heel spurs

Heel spurs is caused by a constant stress on the bones in the foot such as high heels, long standing or flat feet.The cushioning feature of this insoles would reduce the painful feeling on the heel.

Question # 2 does this set of insoles have any cushion under the ball of the foot area are are they flat at the end with no cushion ?

There is decent cushion in the ball of the foot and ends

Are the insoles very thin are do they have some cushion from front to back, is the arch area hard are does it give way to form to your feet ?

The cushioning is great front to back, they're not very thin so my regular size if shoe is now tighter, good arch support and flexible too. The only thing that I wish were different is the thickness but that is where the cushioning comes from! Hope this helps!

Can you wear these without socks?


Are these great arch support for ankle pain/leg after ankle surgery where cartiledge needed fused?

They do have great arch support. In fact they were recommended by an orthotics specialist.

Will these fit in extra wide hiking boots?

Yes I think so

What I want to know is, will i need to size up, because of the thickness ??

If you can remove the existing insole, these will slip right in and not be a problem. Also, they are easy to cut to the right size if needed .

Are those washable?

It would be ok if you hand washed them.

I have a pair of water shoes used for wading streams. They have very soft soles so I'm looking to beef them up. Would these help?

I think they might work.

will this help with easing pain from high heels?

Yes, however, the only thing that will help your pain is to get your feet out of those heels and walk as your body is designed to. Trust me at 55, I wished i hadn't wore them, noe I'm paying the price and have been since I was 35.

Are these a low or mid cut?

I would say mid.

I need a great deal of cushion on the balls of my feet. Is this the best solution?

it's cushy, but I think there are better insoles out there.

How good will they be in steel toe shoes I am on my feet 10 hours a day

They will work well in any shoe or boot. I wear them in my steel toe boots and they are very comfortable.
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Reviews in Shock Absorption Shoes Products


Michelle W McLellan

Delivered as expected and size measurements are correct. Would buy again



Not a miracle result but overall, feel its a solid value and would buy again. In fact I am thinking of buying another pair of my same desert shoe but in size 10.5 to put these in.



My dad has been wearing this foam insoles for a few days now and his plantar's fasciitis has been relieved! He also has low arch issues, and these inserts are designed perfectly to help with that too. I bought two pairs for him. We are all satisfied with the shoe insole's price and quality . So it is affordable to buy them for all of shoes!

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