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Single Wire

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FAQ in Single Wire Products

Snapping, crackling, popping, or no audio on one side, what can i do?

1. Make sure the 3.5 mm audio jack is fully plugged in. The straight input connects to your headset, and the L-shaped input connects to your audio device.

2. Check that your audio source is on and working.

3. If your audio source is a computer or laptop, try adjusting the configuration settings.

4. If you still hear distorted sound, try a different audio source and an alternate cable.

Phone not responding to button presses?

Make sure that the headset plug is securely connected. For multi-press functions, vary the speed of presses when you use the remote / mic.

Microphone does not pick up sound, what is wrong?

1. Make sure that the headset plug is securely connected and that the socket is clean and clear.

2. Check that the microphone—located on the back of the remote—isn't blocked or covered.

3. Make sure the straight-end of the plug is connected to the headphones and the angled L-shaped plug is connected to the audio source.

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Reviews in Single Wire Products



Get this ZERO LINE version! this is a very nice little gadget that works with the MIJIA Home App. It tells you Power Consumption. You can use it as a Hard Wire Switch or as a remote for WiFi Bulbs. unfortunately you can NOT use it as a button (pulsating action) nor is there support for Amazon Alexa yet.



This key board is perfect, it may not have fancy lights and cool digital features, thats ok because this keyboard is awesome, i had to get a replacement for my macs keyboard because it would get to hot and it was uncomfortable

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