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Smart Charger For Battery

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Reviews in Smart Charger For Battery Products


Arvin Benson

I haven't noticed any major problems with it. Charges any AA or AAA rechargeables. And the look is much more stylish than most chargers.


Kurt Eichenauer

Overall it is a great charger for the price !!



- it's the best multipurpose charger on the market at this time <BR>- lowest price I could find anywhere including free shipping <BR>- fan is much quieter than on v2.1 and it's not always on <BR>- can charge 2 cells with up to 2A, 4 cells with max. 1A <BR>- can mix 3 different chemistries at the same time <BR>- the channels are completely independent <BR>- took 2 weeks to arrive in my country (EU) <BR> <BR>Thank you GearBest! Keep up the good work!



Powerbank feature <BR>Low Voltage protection (for cell) when used as a powerbank (2.8V cutoff) <BR>Voltage indicator <BR>Capacity indicator <BR>Operation is very smooth <BR>Did you see this thing? Clear smoke gray plastic is awesome <BR>Gold plated contacts



First of all, what impressed me was the high quality. Not only a good chinese product, but at top of worldwide like building, packaging and support. Think to Xiaomi, well. Better. ISDT provide a excellent site support were you can find pdf manual, driver and firmware. Only download firware, if you need, in the zip you will find driver, dot net library, changelog, firmware and the tool to update the firmware itself. Go to <BR> <BR>The display quality is excellent, and menu functions are simple and intuitive. You can simply put the battery into and let him to automatically work, or you can control any other process (charge, discharge, storage, cycle, regenerating). <BR> <BR>Maybe someone know La Cross/Technoline BC 700, well it is a good charger but compared to ISDT C4 is like a cudgel compared to a Tomcat F14. <BR> <BR>When I bought it, it was not specified, or I did not see, a clear indication of the presence or absence of the power supply. There is, of course.



Very good and easy to set doesn't slip, I even received a quality travel adapter for free!!



Très bon produit.Une grande capacité grâce à ses huits batteries. Les deux leds pour l'éclairage sont aussi très pratique même si pas fort puissantes. Que du positif.



Over charge protection (4.19v) <BR>Over Discharge protection (3.0v) <BR>Well built <BR>Cheap



Other sites have the same model but only show 2 red buttons - you need the 4 buttons for selecting the 0.5/1A on each slot <BR>The charger is sturdy, has two power sources - wall plug and 12v car - plus the transformer is built into the charger which means you can change the US plug provided to the one for your country - no need to buy expensive transformer plugs !! <BR>Very simple to use....default is 500mAh charge per slot. One click of each of the red buttons and it switches to 1A. <BR>4 x 1A charging is great. Can do NiMh, NiCd, AA, AAA, C, Lithims - its all auto detect. Brilliant !!


Verified Purchase

So I ordered this charger any came in everything was perfect it worked for about 3 months and then the quick charger stopped working. So I contacted the company and let them know what was happening and they assured me it was just a faulty charger. And they ship me out a new one. At no cost to me which absolutely blew my mind because a lot of companies don't even respond let alone care. So the pros on this charger r one that's very big and can charge at qualcomm 3.0 amd be charger at qualcomm 3.0 which is amazing considering without it it would take a lot longer to charge that much. You can charge two devices at once when using the 3.0 fast charge and one using the smart charge which won't hurt any device. It comes with the nylon net case which is amazing for holding it and storing a couple mini USB. Overall I'd have to give it a 10 out of 10 same with the company The only negative I ran into is that when you were at work and your co-workers see you have a charger they all want to use it. Other than that it's an extraordinary device 229 people found this helpful

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