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Stainless Steel Cool

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FAQ in Stainless Steel Cool Products

What is longevity of this kettle? I have gone through two of another brand and less than 4 months usage out of both of them.

I've only had this a couple weeks so I don't know about longevity. But, I love this. kettle. I am in one of the cities that had gas fires and explosions so I have no gas for over a month now, I even use this to heat water for my bath. It also keeps water warm for another cup of tea. Good luck.

I ordered the item but there are no care directions included. Are these bottles dishwasher safe?

I'm not sure so I hand wash mine. Great bottle. Keeps things cold forever.

How wide is it? The ring looks pretty wide from claw to claw.

5/8 of an inch at it's widest. I find it very comfortable and receive many compliments.

Does this bottle sweat

Not that I've noticed

Is it stainless steel inside?

Yes,all of the places that water would ever come in contact with are all stainless steel.

Does the Keep Warm button keep water warm for 30 mins?

Yes, it heats up fast and will hold temperature.

what gauge are these?

This CZ earrings set in 6 size 3,4,5,6,7,8mm diameter

Is the electric kettle stays warm and safe to touch?

yes, outside plastic body is cool to touch no matter how hot the water is inside.
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Reviews in Stainless Steel Cool Products



Way nicer quality than I expected. Cam well packaged. Looks really good and detailed in person. It was a gift for someone and they got a lot of nice compliments when they put it on. Definitely a unique and cool piece. The chain is a little short, but that's my only qualm, it's otherwise perfect.

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