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Thin Teeth

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FAQ in Thin Teeth Products

Do you use this before or after regular brushing?

I use this teeth whitening powder before regular brushing. I tried to use it after regular brushing and my teeth get a little black, I had to rinse it again. So now I use it before regular brushing.

Is the light necessary to whiten, or will the starter kit be sufficient?

The starter kit alone has been sufficient for me! I smoked for years and drink coffee every day but this product has really helped remove the stains!

How many are in pack?

There are 36 in the pack and a hard plastic case

How many picks are there in one plastic case? The picture only shows 6 pieces. If there are 36 pieces, are there 6 plastic cases?

There is 1 travel case include in each blister pack of 36 pieces.

How many treatments until the light battery dies and can the battery be replaced?

Great question. not sure, but I suspect you would get a year easy. LED lights draw very little power. I have run this 10 times.. for both usage and testing. It does not seem to have any affect at all on the batteries. plus you can replace them.

Can you use the light to whiten your teeth without the gel or is the gel a must?

The gel is a must. The light helps accelerate the whitening gel.

I use Crest Whitening Strips, however they don't always get very good in between teeth. Do you think this pen would help in between?

I actually believe it will work better than strips!

what happens if the syringe finishes?

You buy more.

Do i need a special brush teeth to use this product ?

No, there is a toothbrush come with our activatedcharcoalpowder,just make sure you only use it for this product. Because it stains the bristle .

Will this work on veneers?

Really this whitened your crowns!? I doubt it. I'm a dental technician and nothing can WHITEN your crowns or veneers except replacing them.

How many uses can i get from a Glo gel tube?

each whitening gel tube from glo contain four applications.

Does the light work with the custom fit trays or only the universal tray?

The kit comes with a special tray that the light fits in to. You put the gel directly into it.

Are there 36 picks in this order? The picture does not look the package can hold that many pieces.

Yes, each blister pack contains 36 picks.

Are teeth sensitive after using this?

Not at all.

Does it fit any size mouth

It fits, but my teeth don't rest against the mouth tray so I'm skeptical the gel is even touching it!

Could you wash these and reuse them since they are plastic coated silicone?

Yup. Do it all the time. There is a soft nubby sheath over the hard white plastic center. Until that wears out (you'll know), keep using it. They last longer if you have perfect teeth. If you have a lot of crowns, to catch at the nubby sheath & tear it, they wear out faster.
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Reviews in Thin Teeth Products



This is a beautifully and thoughtfully designed product which does the job effectively. I have many dental problems and my mouth always feels good when I use an easy pick, which I do a few times a day. I carry an extra one in my bra where I can surreptitiously but suavely take it out and use discretely when needed.


Steven C. Tan

These are great, they do exactly what I need (easily portable picker that I can use for gum health/cleaning on the go). Flossing is very difficult for me - these are easy and probably even more effective + do nice gum massage. Also much, much better than the GUM brand equivalent which are really floppy and weak.


Amazon Prime Customer

These picks are great. I've tried many others that leave my gums scratched, sore and bleeding. These have a flexible rubber type tip that are gentle on the gums. They work well on cleaning food caught in my permanent retainer and between teeth. The case is great for keeping picks from ending up in the bottom of your purse covered in dirt and lint.



Excellent product worth the money



I replaced my original blade with this twin-town blade not knowing what to expect. This blade cuts better than the original when it was new!

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