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FAQ in Ups Fitness Products

Can these bands be washed?

Yes, these can be hand washed with warm water, but please do not tumble dry. Thank you.

Are these bands Latex free?

Our bands are made from natural rubber latex which is over 99.998% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens). Effects of use by people with latex sensitivity is unknown and not recommended.

I weight 300pd will it work for me

dont think so, not much resistance at all,

Would this help with knee fat?

no idea.

Reviews in Ups Fitness Products





The Guy

Great quality and price. I bought 2 of the lightest bands (orange colour). Thickness and length are perfect. I anticipate long term use.


Amanda Gardner

The hot lava color is very, very tight. I'm 5'4 and 150 pounds. The material does not stretch much at all, it is not like rubber resistance bands. When I wear this around my legs, I can barely move them apart. I cannot do walking lounges or wear this during squats because it doesn't move enough. It is nicely made though. I'll probably return to find a different size band.


John E Boardman

When I saw that Epitomie was releasing their new product the Bionic Flex Band, I was looking forward to getting it.Before Epitomie released their Bionic Flex Band, I was looking for a new band that was long and strong to help me really stretch my body before I did a complex resistant exercise like the barbell back squat. When Epitomie released their new product the Bionic Flex Band, it was the right time for me to use it to see if their product was what I was looking for.Well after using their product with my workout, I was not disappointed with it. For the Bionic Flex Band lived up to its name, and it was what I was looking for in a resistant band. It was long, and strong enough to give my muscles a great stretch before my lifting of weights. This product comes in different kinds of color, that represents the different levels of resistance. Also about this product when compared to other resistant bands is that it's rubber is thick, and it is not a hollow rubber tube. With bands being hollow rubber tube, those do not last as long as bands with thick rubber like the Bionic Flex Band. The hollow rubber bands are easy to tear, but the Bionic Flex Band does not easily tear with its thick rubber. Also about the Bionic Flex Band is it can be purchased at an affordable price.For if you are like me that collects workout equipment to have a home gym, then you must have the Bionic Flex Band as part of your home gym. In honest opinion about what gym equipment you should own, I think that owning a Kettlebell And Band should be sufficient. For those things will help your body's mobility, strength, and endurance. Those two things of kettlebell, and the Bionic Flex Band do not take up a lot of room. In fact you can take your Bionic Flex Band with you wherever you go. Therefore you cannot use the excuses of not being able to go to the gym, or you do not have enough time as reasons for not working out daily.Alright! You should own one or a couple of Bionic Flex Bands after reading my review about a great exercise equipment to own. For it will improve your mobility, and it does not take up hardly any space. It's small enough to carried in a bag, so you can travel with it to be used to workout wherever you are at.



I love this band! I use it for every glute and leg workout. It provides extra resistance which engages more muscles and adds extra tension to those already engaged. Must have for booty/leg building!

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