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Waterproof Leather Shoes

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FAQ in Waterproof Leather Shoes Products

Is delivery aero-sol or is it pump spray that doesn't damage ozone layer of Earth?

My husband uses this on his golf shoes and he said it is a pump spray, not an aerosol.

How warm are these shoes? What is the lining made of?

They are warm but have not been used in subzero weather. Very good for every day use in cold weather, insulated fabric lining that is padded. Will last 2-3 winters .

What kind of coverage can i expect from the 6 oz. bottle? i have a big full-length leather coat and i don't know whether to order the 6 or 12 oz. size.

The 6 oz would be fine but this is a great product. I have several leather bags and I'm glad I purchased the 12 oz.

how long does it take to wear off?

At this moment, I have only applied it in March on a trip to Iceland. It worked perfect.

Is there a heavier lining for warmth, I.e. zero temperature?

There warm.

Is this made from Minks? Thank you

Yes, although it had lanolin added as well.

. Is it best for the leather to be wet or dry when the product is applied?

It should be dry first

Does this have an odor?

Has a little bit of a chemical smell when first applied but is gone when it dries.
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Reviews in Waterproof Leather Shoes Products



This spray doesn't leave any spots on leather and suede. Keep it looks like a new much longer. Protect from water and dust



I always used a'special" leather treatment on my $500 leather jacket that came from the manufacture. It was Ok but expensive. I just ran out and need some Mink oil for some new work boots so I got this. I worked great on the brown work boats but it does make them a darker brown. Anyway, I decided to use it on my leather jacket and it went right on and in about an hour my jacket was soft and did not have a wet feel and the nothing came off on my hand. Great.Now I did do my leather motorcycle seat and it never soaked in fully so I wiped the excess off with a rag. But, I think that has to do with the type of leather.


K. Ethier

I had never heard of Mink Oil, but I read a review on a pair of shoes that I bought that recommended mink oil. I bought this product to give it a try. I can't be more pleased. I first applied the mink oil to an old pair of shoes that with drying, cracking leather. While it didn't repair the small cracks, it made the leather much more pliable and stopped additional cracking. It made the shoes wearable again. I also tried it on new shoes and it worked well there too as a conditioner and waterproofer. I'm happy with my purchase and think it was well worth the price.


Julie Kacer

As a person that's taken some hard falls on icy pavement, this shoe offers a new degree in stability & comfort. The Vibram Arctic Grip really works - there's no slipping on icy or snow covered surfaces. The shoe fits the foot well in heel and mid-foot. There is good room in the toe box. The shoe flexes smoothly with the range of motion of each stride. The outsole is waterproof and keeps the foot warm and dry. The Moc is easy to don and doff with the heel tab but as the shoe breaks in, I've stopped using the tab altogether. Aesthetically the Jungle Moc makes it acceptable business casual apparel.


Damon McLay

On my black lambskin jacket it took a few days between thin applications for the leather to fully absorb the milk. During that period the jacket had a slightly uneven sheen, but after a few days the sheen was gone. I've completed two applications and am really happy with the results.Chamberlain's website has some great info on the use of this product that I found invaluable:

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