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White Hair

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Creative Man Hair Beard Shaving Catcher Apron
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Very good product, good quality, very useful for shaving, i would recommend it, best for this price.
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Creative Man Hair Beard Shaving Catcher Apron



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Men Multifunctional Hair Comb
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Men Multifunctional Hair Comb



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FAQ in White Hair Products

Does this product need an applicator?

You can use a applicator,I find the fiber does not come out well.I just shake it from the salt shaker like top.I think you use more,this way and it can be messy(dust like powder seem get on things),but shaken from can works best for me.

Can you change the part from the right to the left? this is how i wear my natural hair but i part on the left. can you part it in the middle!

you can work with a little bit

Is the dark brown orangeish like in the preview picture? Trying to decide between dark and light for a kaiba cosplay.

Dear Customer, thanks for your contact! Yes, the dark brown wig orangeish like in the preview picture, and the light wig may be suitable for a kaiba cosplay. Thanks for your attention!

Is it good for beards?

Purchased it to make Santa's naturally strawberry beard white. Worked perfectly.

Is this a unisex product?

Yes. But I just Googled it and it is not as effective as I thought.

Since it's waxy, will it work on natural hair?

It might add a little texture to your hair, if your hair is naturally really straight, but nothing crazy. Kind of like putting a little mousse.

Chemo treatments to start; hair loss is expected; would this wig be good for me? I have a petite-med size head. Thank you.

Hello, it fits 21.5-22.5 inches head girth, you can see if it will fit your head.

What if get in nose or mouth?

In the mouth - not tasty but just rinse out. Have never inhaled it or had my face tilted to experience anything in the nose. It does sting if it gets in the eyes, but so does any shampoo.

i have short black curly-ish hair, how would I color like purple work on me?

It would look great. Just put A small amount in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together and spread it on. You can concentrate on one section at a time if you want all over color. Or just run your fingers through your hair.

Will the color stay until the next shampoo, and does it come off on clothes or the pillowcase?

Stays on until shampooing. Though it's called a cream, it dries down like a mousse would. Not at all greasy & doesn't rub off. I use a quarter size dollop & rub hands together before applying. Silvery hands! Results using gobs might be different.

How long does it last?

For my hair personally it only lasted for about 3 days and then began to get flaky and needed to be washed out.

Can this be used on a dogs coat? I want to use it for a halloween costume.

Yes, I have tried the white and blue to color my clothes, and it can color the coat and wash out. And it also can color the dark coat, but it may not show up good on a dark coat, dark coat needs more.

Does the wig have a natural looking part?

I am sorry to report that I returned it. One of the main reasons was b/c mesh was showing where the part should be. It just didn't look natural. I ordered one for $100 from a company which specializes in wigs. I have not received it, yet.

Do you have to wash it out every day

after you wash your hair, you apply the fibers when your hair is dry

Does Nanogen come in black

yes, it has 12 different colors, Black is one of the colors

Will Zenagen Revolve shampoo straighten permed hair? I believe that at least one of the ingredients is a hair straightener.

I don't know
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Reviews in White Hair Products


Jeannette zinn

Heavy for wavy hair. Great conditioning.



Sensational wig



Well what do you know - the color actually looks like the photo! For my purposes, which was costume gear, this worked just fine. You can tell at the hairline it isn't real hair, but definitely god enough for what I needed it for.






I used this to cover any unwanted tints after dying my hair. It worked very well. I would definitely recommend if you want a quicksilver look for lighter hair.

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