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White Ring

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Round Silicone Egg Ring 2pcs
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Round Silicone Egg Ring 2pcs



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FAQ in White Ring Products

True to size

I bit big but it wont slid off I can fell that it's not right but a beautiful ring

Does this come with a diamond authentication certificate?

Hello,Yes, this comes with an appraisal.

Can you attach a aura mirror to this kit since aura sells the mirror & cell attachment kit 5 piece for 49.00 can you use this on neewer?

If the mirror has a threaded hole to go into the stand it should work. If not I have no idea what you can do.

What is the band width

its a ring size 9

Do you have a yellow gold version of this ring?

We can make in gold for same price. Purchase here and message us after to change the metal.

Do the lighter color rings get dingy after much wear and tear? Will it be more noticeable than if you wear a darker colored ring?

They do not. I have the hot pink one and the color stays nice and vibrant. This is my second ring as I lost the first one. The first one Did not lose its color at all. They clean up very nicely as well.

Are these rings all glitter?

Mine weren't. But I believe 1 of them are supposed to be.

Do these rings run smaller

No. It doesn't.

How wide is this ring?

Pretty wide but I couldn't wear it as it was uncomfortable and felt too gaudy and poked my finger as the stones go all the way around.

How wide is this particular ring?

They are 2.9mm!

Is the Gold really a true Gold color?

I did not get those colors but I can say the colors I purchased were true to the pictures. Mine are vibrant and not flat colors.

How do you clean these? Mine are black inside and out!

Hello,Please use warm soapy water to clean then let dry. Get silver polish to buff to original color.

If I am a ring size 8.5 would the 8.5-9 fit too lose?

I don't think so. I bought that size for my husband, they fit nice.

my size i 5.25 should I order a smaller or a bigger size?

I am about a 7&3/4 and I ordered the 7.5-8. Hope that helps!

If the ring light's LED indicator is pointing towards the back of the Samsung Galaxy 8 smartphone, will the LED cover the camera?

It shouldn't. It fits over my LG Stylo 4 and my friends IPhone

My ring size is 5 1/4, should I round up and get a 6 or round down and get a 5?

I would round down. It might be tight at first but they tend to stretch out over time. I wear a 4.75 and got a size 4 and it fits fine.

I have a ring size 5, but I measured 2.5 inches? What size should I get?

My ring size is 5.75 so I ordered the 5.5-6 size and the ring fits perfectly.

How long till the teal ring is in stock for more sizes?

More sizes are on the way, shipped today! Give us 3-5 business days.

why is this ring called a cross ring?

I think because the bands of the ring cross over each other.

Did this ring leave an imprint around your finger because of the silicone or should I consider going up a size?

I have 4 Enzo rings all with different designs all the same size. They have never left any kind of mark. They are so comfortable I forget I even have themon. Hope that helps.

Are the edges sharp? The last ceramic ring I had cut into my fingers.

Not at all. It was very smooth. Amazing ring! I wore mine all the time until it fell out of my pocket at the gym. Totally worth buying, I'm going to buy another one again!

I have a size 9 finger. Would the 8.5/9 be too small?

I think that would fit. To me they run true to size, and might even stretch a tiny bit so I think that would work for you.

Will it Turn your finger green??

No it will not.

I am a female with a 5.5 ring size. Should I go 5 or 6. Also for med professionals...... Is it difficult to put gloves on?

We recommend a size 5 because the ring will stretch very slightly During the first week.Usually the medical gloves with great with these rings. But of course, if you have any troubles, let us know and we'll fix the problem.

My husband wears a 13.5 ring. Would these fit him

They should have that ring size. The rings being silicone rubber, can stretch some anyhow, so the 12.5 may fit him. I like my rings.

Can this be used on unfinished wood? Also, does it have to be dark colored wood?

I have not try it but I don't think that it will work on unfinished wood. No
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Reviews in White Ring Products



I ordered a size 7 and it is true to size. Beautiful sparkly. I can see how it can be uncomfortable but that's expected with this type of ring. These pictures don't do it justice.


Serious Reader

I love this light! It has multiple settings including adjustable brightness and different colors. Gives off the perfect ring light effect for a good selfie and my teenaged daughters absolutely adore it! Super easy to use and fit both Android and iPhone.





Ali mom of 5

Just arrived today. Very sparkly and the diamonds all around make it extra nice. May be uncomfortable for some. I'll wear it for a right hand 'fun' ring here and there. This is size 6, I have smallish hands. Will keep it but ordering a 5, it's a tad big. May stack them!


Carter and steffanie Myers

Very nice and comfortable ring. Also has a little bit of a pearl look to it as well which is pretty cool

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