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Xiaomi 1080p Camera

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Aqara G2 1080P Intelligent Network Camera ( Gateway Edition ) ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )
Yes, I am gonna start from this feature. I am amazed of how good is that camera in total dark. In the picture you can see it, there is no bulbs on at the moment, only the camera! Also the ability to automatically change into night mode (when there is no light) is impressive. Camera quite small (in the picture side by side with just an iPhone 7) with a sturdy magnetic base that can rotate 360. In the package there is also an adhesive with magnetic side so you can actually mount it anywhere you like! The camera has hub capabilities and I had no issue to add all my other Aqara sensors (door, window, temperature etc) Be advised! At the moment the product works only with the Xiaomi Home App. No HomeKit capabilities! I had no issues with the live-streaming even while I was on a mobile network. I've found some bugs on the app that I've already reported them (for example even if a change the time zone, the timestamp on the video not changing) but nothing crucial...Also the speaker language is only Chinese at the moment. I am missing the option to upload directly the captured videos on my personal cloud storage (ex. DropBox) and the option to capture burst pictures not video on motion detection. I hope such features will be added on a future update. In conclusion, for this price with those features, I totally suggest it for everyone!

Aqara G2 1080P Intelligent Network Camera ( Gateway Edition ) ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )


Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM 1080P FHD Smart IP Camera
26% OFF
日本製の10000円くらいのカメラよりずっといいです。 相互に音声聞けるし、暗視モードもいい!もちろん画質もいい。 欲を言えばスピーカーの音が小さい、底面が磁石ではないのが。。。 まぁこれでも十分ですが。

Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM 1080P FHD Smart IP Camera



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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019 Laptop
41% OFF

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019 Laptop



FAQ in Xiaomi 1080p Camera Products

Why can not find IP camera when you use search software?

1. Rechecking whether power supply and Ethernet cables are connected correctly;

2. Checking the network setting for IP camera and your computer. Go to network connection, configure IP address to same IP segments, Subnet mask and default gateway must be same for both IP camera and computer;

3. Ensuring IP camera and computer are in the same router.

Why can not visit IP camera from internet (wan)?

1. Log in your local router, and enable port mapping for IP camera in virtual server menu;

2. If you use domain or DDNS service, making sure the domain point to correct IP address with correct port number.

Why connect 4 IP cameras, but only one IP camera displays images?

You need to set an unique IP address for each of cameras.

Why POE IP camera can not see at night?

Using high quality Ethernet cable, or shortening the connection distance.

Why video delay when watch live video?

1. You can increase the bandwidth through upgrading your network infrastructure, also you can lower the bit-rate of streaming. Lowering the image resolution also helps to reduce the video delay time.

2. Increasing the fps can allow IP camera output smooth video.

Why IP camera can not display image?

The IP camera doesn't boot correctly, please check the power supply.

How to upgrade NVR firmware?

1. Go to "System Setting", choose "System" > "Upgrade";

2. Select the firmware file, then click "Upgrade".

3. When upgrading succeed, the NVR will reboot.

How to reset the camera?

1. Disconnect the power supply;

2. Press and hold the reset button;

3. Connect the power supply while still holding reset for more 10 seconds.

Can this item be shipped to my country?

We can deliver orders to most countries. For a detailed explanation of each shipping method, destination and approximate delivery time, please check our posts:

GearBest shipping methods

20 things you need to know when shopping on GearBest

Short guide on tracking fees and shipping insurance on GearBest

GearBest shipping memo: save money on delivery by choosing the best option

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Reviews in Xiaomi 1080p Camera Products


Kama Browning

This camera is the best money ever spent. Just caught someone breaking into my apartment to steal pain medication from my son a week after brain surgery!!!!!


Ann Beeson

The camera is awesome and the price is very good for the features you get with this drone



+ View your home, your store, your baby, your parents and your pet anytime, anywhere, mobile phone monitoring, 360 degree free rotation, motion detection.


Alessandro Juliana

fast shipping and excellent quality product! O would buy again.


Yishay co

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3 is a fantastic laptop! Really giving the feeling of a macbook. The good: Superb design Fingerprint reader Impressively speedy Good value for money The bad: Poor battery life No SD card reader Anyway, this is a great machine in a great price, very recomended. Thank you gearbest!


Sauro Berdini

By mistake i reported the package received, but it is not yet delivered


L Flechas

I'm very satisfied with the product; a solid manufacture, great performance. highly recomended for the price.

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