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  • Debbie
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    I have bought 2 of these cameras separately, The first one arrived quickly and worked perfectly! Great condition, comes with so many accessories and is of great quality. Pictures and video quality is exactly as it says and once passed onto the computer, quality is great and you can use editing do edit colour etc so its fab! Also the app that you can download on your phone for this also comes in handy. settings are just like described in the description and overall I think the camera is absolutely perfect and the price is great - identical to the go pro same quality video and pictures and half the price! This was a gift for my brother and he loved it. As for the second camera I bought, again fast delivery however the camera came with a fault.. The power button didn't work and was broken.. and as soon as I contacted the support team.. they were GREAT! they offered about 4 alternatives that I could chose from for example send the camera back and receive a new one. or keep the faulty one and pay 50% of the price and they will send a new one. or send back and receive refund etc.. they resolved this so quickly and I received my camera straight away and guess what? This one was just as perfect as the first camera I ordered :)
    the con I mention above, was quickly resolved by the support team so thank you ! :)

    Jan 25,2016

  • buyingga
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi Waterproof Sport DV
    Cette caméra embarquée 12 MP avec WIFI, en plus d’être livrée avec son caisson étanche , possède également un grand nombreux d’accessoires dans son coffrets ( Caisson étanche, base pour casque, fixation pour guidon, cable de sécu, adhésifs 3M, chiffon de nettoyage).
    Vous l’avez sans nul doute entendu qu’il y a de nombreux fakes sont disponibles à prix alléchants sur le net, seulement si vous souhaitez absolument être tranquille, je vous recommander d’acheter la SJCAM SJ4000 sur Gearbest qui, comme vous pourrez le voir dans la vidéo est estampillée SJCAM, marque considérée comme étant l’officielle par la communauté SJ4000.
    Résolution : 1080 P full HD
    Écran LDC / 1.5 pouces
    Capteur de 12 MP offrant des résolutions photo jusqu’à 12 MP, VGA
    Objectif 170 ° soit grand angle
    Zoom numérique intégré 4X
    Étanche jusqu’à 30 mètres
    Autonomie jusqu'à 3 h (moins si utilisée en FULL HD avec WIFI)

    Jan 21,2015

  • Sanford Desroches
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: US Plug
    Stunning video
    Can be a car DVR, mounted on a helmet, bike handle and more. This is seriously versatile as far as DV go. Good little video camera. It's much smaller than I actually expected but works very well and is very lightweight. Simple enough that even my 10 year old can use it and switch between the different modes. Videos are nice and sharp (yes, real HD quality). Works well especially for outdoor shots. I used this for my recent holiday in Phuket, Thailand, and loved how easy it was to handle. Both photos and videos, on close inspection (back in the hotel) were equally clear. Colors were vibrant and not washed out. Video of the sea was just incredible - pure blues!! Perfect for holidays but equally good for anything else. Can't recommend this highly enough.
    Happy with everything

    Aug 21,2015

  • scotchmizzed
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi IP68 Waterproof 1080P FHD 1.5 Inch LCD Car DVR Action Camera Sport DV
    Must say i debated for a while about keeping my mobius for use with quadcopter CX 20 but as my gimbal was for a go-pro i looked for something that was of a similar size and quality but not the price. Watched many online videos with demonstrations of quality and though Why not?

    So glad i did and in fact have bought another one for someone going on holiday to maldives and they are taking it with them. Great little camera that comes with so many accessories that i've not had time to unbox them all. Also they are genuine SJ4000's so don't buy from cheap ebay clones or you'll be disappointed.

    For the price unbelievable value..Even with 20 pounds customs charge..
    Sometimes the difference between light then dark and back to light night shots are not a true reflection of the available light but that's nit-picking. Also a little bit fatter than go-pro mount on Q2D gimbal so had to use black velcro to hold on.

    Jun 18,2015

  • Pascual Tarrega Aleg
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    Camera SJCAM SJ4000 wifi
    Despues de tener una SJ4000 falsa y perderla en las profundidades de un lago me decidí por buscar el modelo original pero la versión wifi. La he recibido en el plazo acordado y efectivamente, han cumplido con lo prometido, la cámara es la original y viene con el ultimo firmware ya instalado. Efectivamente he notado mejoras en cuanto a la copia que tenia. Los botones funcionan más suavemente, la carcasa se ajusta exactamente al cuerpo de la cámara, trae todos los accesorios que se citan en el anuncio... en fin, estoy bastante satisfecho con la cámara y con Gearbest. El wifi me ha funcionado a la primera con la aplicación bajada de la play store a mi Smartphone, SJCAM zone se llama la App que he utilizado.
    No se si será normal pero se aprecia cierto retardo en la imagen de mi smartphone con el wifi. Por lo demás no tengo nada que reprochar para el precio que tiene esta cámara. Muy contento en general.

    Sep 12,2015

  • Lindsey Lehmkuhl
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: US Plug
    Rocks hard!
    It's not super duper fancy but you already know that. For the price, what you get is an absolute steal anyway. VERY easy to use; if I can use it, anyone can. Really good design with clean lines, a bit minimalist but that's ok, and the general features are MUCH better than what you would expect from something in this price range. It's lightweight, easily portable and comfortable to hold for extended video shots and everything is laid out and accessible so you don't have to search around too much. In terms of mounts, this has so many and I've got some great video from my bike. Good choice also for first time buyers :) Thank you, gearbest.
    Happy with everything

    Sep 02,2015

  • Muyideen Muhammed
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    Beyond Expectation
    Package was intact and neat, just as described. In fact better than what I had expected. I'm quite thrilled to have it. There's a code to check the authenticity directly on sjcam website so you can be sure you didn't get a fake. The accessories are complete. The video quality and camera is very impressive. Buttons are easy to use and friendly menu. I downloaded the app and it works well with the camera's wifi. Its cheap compared to the local price where I live where it costs over double the price i got it from gearbest.
    Didn't come with a memory card. When you mount the camera on the belt clip, the onscreen display is no longer visible but that's minor.

    Aug 18,2015

  • Giacomo
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    sjcam 4000
    sjcam 4000 ottima cam e' stata la mia prima actioncam negli ultimi tempi ne ho avuto 2 buona resa ottica molte funzioni comandabile in wifi con app. da smartphon registra video fino a fullhd tralascio le nozioni tecniche e' posso dire ce fa le varie actioncam possedute di questa mi sono innamorato ha 7na ricca dotazione di serie come il case subacqueo attacchi x il casco x la bici etc. e cpsta anche il giusto lho' usataolto x sciare in auto, e principalmente con il drone x8c spettacolare no vibrazioni no jello ed una buona autonomia, disponibile in vari colori la mia preferita "silver" fantastica, la consiglio e" un must fra noi hobbysti di droni .

    Jun 30,2016

  • Joe
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: US Plug
    SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi
    Great quality action camera for a great price. I'm not sure how this compares to GoPro other than what I have seen in reviews online, but it works very well for less than 1/2 the price of a comparable GoPro. I'm using this primarily on Syma X8C quadcopter for areal video, and I'm very pleased with the result.

    I look forward to using this for video/photos where a waterproof camera is necessary. I have not tried the waterproof case yet.

    It comes with many mounts and is compatible with GoPro mounts. Prices of the accessories are very reasonable compared to GoPro.
    Image sensor is only 3 Megapixel. I'm not sure how the 12 MP is created (interpolation). You can tell that photos are not true 12 MP. But it is more than acceptable for my needs, especially considering the price. I plan to use mostly for vidoe. Audio quality is only OK.

    Jan 24,2016

  • Eduardo
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    Perfect Camera for the Price - Amazing Quality
    I expect some cheap materials, but I was surprised when I get this!
    - Complete Set of Basic Tools for mounting on Bikes, Helmets, and Cars, will be a plus if was included one window mount acc.
    - Nice Waterproof Case.
    - Video Quality is real HD 60fps (except the 30fps as advertised)
    - Picture Quality is full 12Mp compared to standard 12Mp Canon Camera

    All the expected funcionality, and more than expected accesories, including some stickers and 3M tape.
    - Charger is too big for a 5V 0.5a
    - The front panel of the camera (not lens) is scratching with Waterproof Case sides, maybe a vibration issue (mm issue).
    - SJCAM Support site is a quite empty.
    - Buttons are hard, you need to check the push response.

    Jul 14,2015