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Buying Guide Smart Bulbs Buying Guide

Smart Bulbs Buying Guide

The invention of the light bulb has brought great convenience to people's daily life. From the traditional tungsten lamp invented by Edison to the present LED lamp, both the appearance and the service life have changed greatly. Now, with the progress of science and technology, the smart light bulb full of scientific and technological sense has gradually occupied a dominant position. So for some users who have not used a smart light bulb, what is a smart bulb? What are the characteristics of smart light bulbs? How to use smart light bulb and what function does it have? In this guide, we will give you a detailed introduction about smart bulb.

Topics in this buying guide:
  • What is smart bulb?
  • Features of smart bulbs.
  • How do smart light bulbs work?
  • 4 things to consider before buying smart bulbs.

    What is smart bulb?

    Smart light bulb is a new form of light bulb product that focuses on the smart home industry. The design of bedroom lamps and lanterns in the 21st century takes led lighting bulb design as the mainstream, and at the same time fully embodies the lighting development trend of energy saving, health, artistry and humanization, and becomes the dominant of room lighting culture.

    Intelligent light bulb can be intelligently controlled, so that the light bulb can switch the daily light bulb, built-in scene, color adjustment into the corresponding APP + WIFI + Bluetooth 4.0 handheld intelligent control, interact with users, in addition, the smart light bulb also has a wealth of modes and preset functions!

    Features of smart bulbs

    Energy saving.
    First of all, smart light bulbs are energy-saving light bulbs. Because LED is a cold light source, semiconductor lighting itself does not pollute the environment. Compared with incandescent and fluorescent lamps, the energy-saving efficiency can reach more than 90%. At the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1 / 10 of an ordinary incandescent lamp and 1 / 2 of a fluorescent tube. Smart light bulbs replace 50% of the current traditional lighting, and every year China saves as much electricity as a three Gorges power station, and its energy-saving benefits are considerable.

    Smart home linkage.
    The intelligent light bulb embedded Internet of things communication module can effectively realize Internet access, connect the user's smart phone based on the cloud service platform, and let each user know the working status of the intelligent light bulb in the room at any time and anywhere. including color, illuminance, power consumption and other comprehensive indicators, and can be remotely adjusted according to the user's personal color preferences; On the other hand, in view of the situation that multiple intelligent light bulbs are installed in the room, the intelligent light bulb can dynamically scan other intelligent light bulbs during normal working hours, and automatically realize the networking linkage to realize the special situation lighting needs of the user-customized bedroom scene. Users even deploy the color of the landscape photos taken in the course of travel to their own rooms with one click: let the lights of the children's room simulate the effect of getting up at sunrise. The effect of a sunset break.

    Smart light bulbs have social properties. Due to the built-in Internet of things communication module, users' personal color preferences and electricity habits will be automatically synchronized to the cloud platform, so that users can learn about their own and others' preferences and better power consumption strategies through their smartphones anytime and anywhere. Relying on the current popular Weibo and Wechat to record and share their color preferences and electricity habits, Learn about other people's scene lighting schemes and power-saving strategies at the same time, so as to achieve complete social interaction.

    Green, environmental protection, energy saving and harmony are the main theme of the times. The emergence of smart light bulbs deepens the relationship between human beings and light, provides an interactive channel, and subverts the era of one-way control of light by human beings. intelligent light bulbs contain a variety of sensors, such as light intensity, voltage and current, and rely on the service platform of cloud computing. Continuous records of daily users' color preferences and electricity habits data are combined with the ladder electricity price regulations of local power consumption departments and indicators of the impact of light and color on human health. You can take the initiative to push better electricity and color strategies to the owner, really become a member of the user's family, and even express your praise for the owner's color and electricity habits through text messages, e-mails and lights. to achieve harmony between smart light bulbs and human beings, friendly companionship.

    How do smart light bulbs work?

    You may be wondering how you can turn the lights on or off when leaving or entering a room. Again, you have a few options. Some smart light bulbs can only be controlled via an app that can be downloaded to your mobile device. Other smart light bulbs work in conjunction with assistive voice-enabled smart speakers like Echo, Google Home, and Apple's HomePod.

    However, the majority of smart light bulbs can be controlled both by voice and app.
    Be sure to read the instructions that come with your smart light bulbs in full. There you'll be able to findbrand-specific information about which app to download and how to set up the bulbs with the smart speaker of your choice.

    The good news is that you can use your smart light bulbs the old-fashioned way using a traditional switch. This is good to know for when the WiFi is out or you flip the switch out of habit. But keep in mind that if the physical light switch is off, the bulb is powered down and can't turn on by voice or app. The switch needs to be in the "on" position for the smart bulb's smarts to work.

    4 things to consider before buying a smart bulb

    Connection mode.
    At present, there are three main connection ways for smart light bulbs to achieve intelligence in the market. The first is to connect APP, through a router, such as Xiaomi yeelight smart light bulb; the second is to connect APP with wireless WIFI, such as Philips Hue smart light bulb and Osram A60 smart light bulb; and the third is to operate with Bluetooth connected mobile phone APP, which is also popular at present.

    Generally speaking, the connection mode of Bluetooth APP now has a relatively obvious advantage. Because Bluetooth supports short-distance communication between devices, it can effectively simplify the communication between devices, make data transmission more stable and fast, and reduce energy consumption and save electricity.

    However, it should be noted that no matter how the connection mode changes, the current control of the smart light bulb can not get rid of the mobile phone for the time being. For ease of use, you can choose smart light bulbs that are relatively less dependent on mobile phones.

    Lighting performance.
    Intelligent light bulb, the first thing that needs to be satisfied is the basic function of the light bulb, that is, lighting. Usually, the lighting performance of a lighting bulb is mainly measured from several aspects, such as brightness, color rendering, light source radiation, heat dissipation and so on.

    If a product is bright but not dazzling, the color of a good color rendering object is real, the radiation is low, and there is no strobe to protect eyesight, then it is really worth starting with. But no one is perfect, and neither are smart light bulbs. In this case, you can choose the second best and select the lighting advantages that you value most.

    In addition, smart light bulbs have the advantage of multi-color light sources, and some light bulbs can even bring out 16 million colors. But it should be noted that, in fact, there are many colors that can not be recognized by the naked eye, and we do not have to pursue the transformation of the light source too much when choosing and purchasing.

    Finally, when choosing and buying smart light bulbs, we should also pay attention to its heat dissipation performance. Even if the smart light bulb is a LED bulb, its heat generation can be considerable. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the heat dissipation materials of the products, such as aluminum alloy heat dissipation shell, heat dissipation glue, chromatic aberration of lamps, etc., which is helpful for us to choose light bulbs with fast heat dissipation speed and relatively long life.

    The smart light bulb realizes the remote control through the mobile phone, which changes the traditional switching mode of the electric light and makes the operation easier. But the question is, what if the phone is not around or there is a problem with the phone connection?

    Many consumers report that once some smart light bulbs are turned off and on, app will lose its connection to the lamp, and it is necessary to delete the established connection, and then search the light bulb again, add it, and then adjust the color temperature. This is also what we need to pay attention to when choosing and buying smart light bulbs.

    Finally, the price of smart light bulbs is the focus of everyone's attention. At present, there is a big gap in the price of smart light bulbs on the market. What needs to be clear is that as long as it is a smart product with high-tech elements, the price is definitely not cheap.

    If we recognize the function of the product and want to experience the beautiful enjoyment brought by intelligent lighting, we might as well choose some good brands, but the price is relatively moderate. What can not be ignored is that at present, the smart light bulb market is full of fake and inferior products. When you choose and buy, you should keep your eyes open, do not blindly believe that what is expensive is good, and do not be greedy for small bargains.

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