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  • Gianluca
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Qualità eccellente: vediamo perchè:\Excellent quality: let's see why:
    Il ventilatore vi arriverà a casa in una cartone di colore marrone ove campeggia la foto del ventilatore stesso. All'interno, ben imballati, troverete tutto il necessario per montarlo.

    Costruito molto bene con materiale premium, tutte le parti si assemblano al meglio e senza nessun tipo di sforzo.
    Per il montaggio vi servirà il foglietto delle istruzioni e, anche se in lingua cinese, riuscirete con molta facilità a montarlo.
    L'uso è veramente semplice, comè è semplice l'accoppiamento con l'applicazione MIHome.
    Il ventilatore ha quattro velocità e solo le prime due sono abbastanza silenziose (la prima velocità simula una leggera brezza, fantastica). Il fatto di avere la batteria, poi, è sicuramente un valore aggiunto poichè trasportabile in qualunque posto voi vogliate e anche se non so quantificare con precisione la durata, a bassa velocità sicuramente un paio di ore si fanno.

    Ottimo ventilatore dal design minimale e accattivante allo stesso tempo, rende questo prodotto un oggetto di arredamento. La sua facilità d'uso e, grazie alla batteria, la sua portabilità, rende questo ventilatore un oggetto da acquistare per rendere meno bollenti le nostre giornate di caldo estivo.

    English version:
    The fan will come home to you in a brown cardboard box where you can see the picture of the fan itself. Inside, well packed, you will find everything you need to fit it.

    Made of very good material with premium material, all parts are assembled at best and without any kind of effort.
    For mounting, you will be provided with the instruction leaflet, and you will be able to install it easily in Chinese.
    Use is really simple, as it is easy to pair with the MIHome application.
    The fan has four speeds and only the first two are silent enough (the first speed simulates a light breeze, fantastic). The fact of having the battery, then, is definitely an added value as it is transportable wherever you want and even though I do not know how to quantify the duration, at a low speed, definitely a couple of hours are done.

    A great fan with minimal design and captivating at the same time makes this product a decorative item. Its ease of use, and thanks to the battery, its portability, makes this fan an item to buy to make our hot summer days less boisterous.
    No cons

    Jul 09,2017

  • Mark
    Yes (2) Color: White
    Es ist ein chinesisches Modell, man benötigt noch ein zweipoliges EU Anschlusskabel wie für Rasierer.
    Die App "mihome" ist schnell eingerichtet. Besonders gefällt mir an ihr der stufenlose Slider zur Geschwindigkeitsregelung.
    Das wichtigste: die Lautstärke. Ich bin grad im Büro und muss es später noch nachts im ruhigeren Schlafzimmer verifizieren, habe aber den Eindruck, er hält locker mit Solis 753/Balmuda Greenfan mit.
    Anders als meine beiden zurückgesendeten Balmuda macht der Motor keine Störgeräusche. Man hört je nach Speed wirklich nur den Wind, nicht den Motor.
    Bis etwas unter die Stufe 2 von 4 feineingestellt, praktisch unhörbar, der Luftzug dabei wie beim Solis genau richtig zum Schlafen, wenn man ihn am Fußende vom Bett aufstellt. Mehr wird dann schnell zu kühl.
    Das Teil lohnt sich also, zum halben Preis des Balmuda bekommt man ein Gerät mit mehr Optionen (Stufenlos statt 4 Stufen, optionale Windsimulation), welches ebenso leise ist. Damit ist es würdiger Nachfolger des günstigen Balmuda-Nachbaus Solis 753, der ja nicht mehr produziert wird, und als Clone besser war als das Original.
    Wer sich nicht daran stört, wenn der Rotor nochmal über 10 cm mehr Durchmesser hat, sollte sich dagegen den Klarstein Silent Storm ansehen. Ich warte noch auf die Lieferung und kann daher nur vermuten, dass er konzeptionell ähnlich ist - für nur 99 Euro direkt bei Klarstein aus Deutschland (ich habe ihn für 119 bestellt bei Amazon, da das ggf. die Rücksendung vereinfacht).

    Jul 03,2017

  • Adam
    Yes (2) Color: White
    More than just a stand fan
    I thought I was just ordering a good-quality fan, but in the end got more than that. It not only looks "cool" it works very efficiently and quietly. with very gentle speed at setting 1 to very windy setting 4! Then it has was it kept saying in the advertising as "natural wind" which I thought was going to be a gimmick and nothing special, but it proved really good and something I've not seen on any other fan before. How it works is it randomly speeds up, slows down, cuts out, starts again.... hard to explain but the effect really is kind of natural. I tried to do a video of this to try and demonstrate. Them like all Xiaomi products it works brilliantly with the app and you can control it well from a a distance with your mobile phone. Not forgetting of course tat there's also a battery so the unit can be placed anywhere.
    When the fan is not connected to the mains, is switched off and is using the battery in the base, it cuts itself off from the network and wifi connection. This means that app control to switch it on doesn't work. Once you switch i on manually, it works again after about 10 minutes with the app. Not sure if this is because it want to save energy, but just a minor problem I guess. Most of the time you'd probably use plugged in.

    Jul 21,2017

  • Sjoerd
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Happy customer
    Very fast delivering, within two weeks delivered to the Netherlands. This Xiaomi smart floor fan tops any fan in the world. Period. Wonderful design, smart functioning via phone, so many possibilities: variable speed and direction.
    Sound producing level extremely low. Stand alone function without electric cord. After a whole night of soft natural wind blowing still 75% battery left. Shows temperature on phone. What else to say, a 100% must have well built design floor fan.
    Hard to find 30 characters to describe the cons. There ain't any.

    Aug 03,2017

  • Diego
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Works as a standalone Fan with touch control, powered also by a rechargeable li-ion battery. Works in mihome app, i love automation with temperature sensor.
    Great stability, low noise. Incredible power! Great angle configurable in 30-60-90-120 degree.
    Natural wind algorithm. thanks to the DC motor you can set your favourite speed, not only 1-2-3-4 presets as standard fan.
    maybe not very tall. but really is not a cons.

    Apr 03,2018

  • Mr. Freeze
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Now in summer I could test how good it is.
    And I must say, it's good enough to cool the room down (depends how big your room is).
    Because it runs with battery as well, I can place it wherever I want.
    Design is great, but it could be taller.
    Because of the height, smart control with moving up and down would be nice.
    But there isn't a motor for that.

    Aug 20,2017

  • Meyu
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Xiaomi Mi Smart Stand Fan
    Qualité Xiaomi
    Avec batterie, déplaçable a volonté
    8 vitesses 4 normal + 4 discontinue
    Déclenchable avec le cube, n'importe quel bouton xiaomi ou le detecteur de temperature
    Ce dernier déclenche le ventilo quand l'ampli chauffe
    Le prix est abusé, je regrette pas mais bon 150€ le ventilo faut vraiment le vouloir ...

    Sep 13,2017

  • D.
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Overall a good smart fan that is working perfectly.
    The built quality is excellent and device is working as expected.
    I had to use a different power cord to use the device in Germany.
    It has this electric shaver plug.
    Mi Home intergration is working perfectly.
    None so far!

    Jun 06,2017

  • MrBlueBalls
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Perfect, i love this fan
    Very good Fan ! It's a bit expensibe ok, but it's worth the money... It really makes no noise, is easy to configure, easy to connect to you wifi, i so much enjoyed this fan... good job Xiaomi, i bought a connected alarm and connected lamp to my bedroom you're doing very good job !
    Nothing cons... may be the tracking wich doesn't work for the package... it's kinda boring to not knowing when your order will arrive...

    Jul 12,2017

  • Xiaomi Akku Ventilator
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Leise, Effektiv und dank Akku flexibel
    Der Ventilator ist dank seines eingebauten Akkus absolut flexibel in seiner Aufstellung. Das Akku hält mehrere Stunden und in den unteren beiden Stufen ist er so leise das man ihn auch gut im Schlafzimmer einsetzen kann.

    Die natürliche Wind Betriebsart ist extrem angenehm.

    Sep 11,2018