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  • Sarah
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Goose Size: 0.5kg
    I love these dumbbells!!!
    I received the Move It Beat dumbbells (0.5kg/each) two days ago. They are really nice. By the way, don't think that a 0.5kg dumbbell will be too light for workout. I (40kg, 157cm tall) don't need to lose weight but keep fit by doing certain amount of exercise per day. Of course, you can choose heavier ones.
    I found the setup easy and it only took me around 3 minutes to download and be familiar with the App. After I set my fitness goal, the App allowed me to AUTO START a program. Then, I danced for around 40 minutes holding a dumbbell in each hand.
    To be honest, it was like playing games, which is interesting. I listened to the music, and followed the movement of the hot guy and girls in the video. I couldn't coordinate my arms and legs well. But I did better and better, getting more "Perfect" and "Great" instead of the encouragement of "Good Try." They really help to keep the entire body moving, which is like doing an intense gymnastics. I began to sweat after around 7 minutes and found myself drenched after 30 minutes. I had a rest during the period. I was proud of myself after I finished the exercise.
    To be honest, I can burn more calories by doing so, because I can't even sweat after running at 8km/h on the treadmill for 15 minutes and it is hard to continue after 20 minutes. Besides, it is dull to run and I have to go to the gym or outside. It costs a lot!!!
    Now that I have these dumbbells, I no longer need to care about the weather or pay for the fitness card! I can work out and achieve my fitness goal comfortably in my studio. Besides, the movement won't disturb the neighbors at all.
    The only thing that I don't like is that the USB interface is not at the bottom of the smart module. You have to push it out in order to activate/charge it.

    Jul 12,2019

  • Jackie
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Goose Size: 1kg
    They work! The best fitness equipment so far!
    I am overweight. I gave in my last fitness goal. It was really hard to stick to it. I was on a diet and barely wanted to move, as if in a hopeless state.
    When I was looking for the latest gadgets on Gearbest the other day, I was amazed at the smart dumbbells. Perhaps, I was attracted by the girls on the web page. I didn't expect the product to make anything different to me, but to my surprise, it has changed my life. I chose the heaviest ones, because I was desperate to lose weight.
    By watching the movements of the young boy and girls in the video, I try my best to move. The smart module is very sensitive, as I dance to the rhythm, "Perfect" will appear on the screen; if good enough, there will be "Great."
    Do you know my fitness goal? 300 calories a day! Haha! I need about 2 hours to complete my goal, but I feel time flies during the workout.
    Because my look is still hard on the eyes, I won't show you my photos. However, I am confident that I will be one of the hottest guys in several months!

    Jul 14,2019