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Buying Guide Smart Wrist Band Buying Guide

Smart Wristband Buying Guide

Are you an athlete who performs frequent workouts and you need a sports smartband that has as many features as possible? Are you often away from home and, in addition to wanting to monitor the steps you take, would you like to record the routes made thanks to GPS , would you like to answer and call smoothly or would you like to manage the music directly from your fitness bracelet? In this guide we will help you make your choice easier, by first providing you with some essential tips for choosing your fitness bracelet and subsequently listing our selection of the best sports Smart Wrist band with integrated music and GPS players.

Topics in this buying guide:
  • What is a Smart Wristband?
  • 5 features of Smart Wristbands
  • 3 things to consider before buying a Smart Wristband

  • What is a Smart Wristband?

    The smart  band is consistent with the smartwatch in recording steps, health monitoring and movement management, but it can also operate independently from the mobile phone. It is basically similar to the function of the mobile phone, that is, the mobile phone on the wrist. 

    According to the card type, it can be divided into sim card and e-sim card. 
    SIM card: SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card is an IC card held by mobile users of GSM system, which is called user identification card. The call watch needs to be inserted with a sim card before it can operate independently. (advantages: stable network / signal; disadvantages: need additional cards to achieve call function). 

    E-sim card: independent calls, no need to plug in the card, the first two terminals, e-SIM is integrated in the mobile phone, the user can not be removed. However, the user's identification module allows them to choose an operator according to their own needs, and allows users to change quickly at any time.

    Benefits of Smart Wrist Bands: 

    (1) Health tracking: various monitoring indicators, you can better track your health.
    (2) Independent operation: operate independently from the mobile phone, you can dial and answer the phone, and operate with social media at the same time.
    (3) Motion tracking: covers basic motion modes, and can monitor all kinds of motion data during exercise, so as to better understand one's own movement.

    5 features of Smart Wristbands

    1. Screen size:

    1.3 - 2 inches is an appropriate range. It is inconvenient to operate if the screen size is too small (because you need to type out information). When the screen size is too large, it is not beautiful and bulky, and it is not easy to wear. 

    2. Front Camera: 

    Front camera is conducive to social media communication, and two cameras such as video can be carried out anytime and anywhere: it is not conducive to video, but it can shoot scenes with 3 pairs of cameras: it can not only meet the needs of social media, but also shoot scenery (you can choose according to your needs). 

    3. Memory: 

    Running memory and storage memory respectively, RAM running memory shows the running speed of the product, and ROM storage memory shows the capacity of downloading software. When the RAM is low, the running speed will be affected, and when the ROM is low, you will not be able to download a lot of required software. 

    4. Battery life: 

    Due to the mobile phone, you can use a variety of software and answer the phone, generally, the power consumption will be relatively large. The battery life of most call watches is 2 days in 1mi. If it can be used in 2mi in 3 days, it already belongs to a product with long battery life. 

    5. Watch band replacement:

    Removable watch band, which can be changed according to one's own habits / hobbies / scene

    3 things to consider before buying a Smart Wristband

    1.What's the battery life?
    Generally speaking, the battery life of a call watch is relatively short, which is usually 2 days. If you cannot receive a short battery life, you can use a smartwatch instead. 

    2. How many internal memories the band has?
    Choose the memory capacity according to your own needs. If you pay attention to social media and entertainment, you may need more memory to maintain the normal operation of the software. If it is mainly used for routine operations such as making phone calls and sending text messages, you can choose smaller memory. 

    3. Is the screen size appropriate?
    According to the size of their wrists and their needs, users who like to be light and thin can choose products with a dial size of 1.5 inches. If they like to operate / type more conveniently and do not mind the weight of the watch, they can choose a watch with a size of more than 1.5 inches.

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