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  • Evan Xiao
    Wiring was easy, instructions were clear, but it was inconvenient in my case since I was installing in a multiple gang box where all the neutral white wires were twisted together, so I had to run to the hardware store and pick up a short piece of wire to use as a pigtail to make the connection to the neutral wire, you must have a neutral white wire in the box for the smart switch functionality to work, the smart features of the switch were also easy to set up, physical installation of the switch took me about half an hour, mostly because I go slow when wiring a new type of switch and because I had to do the jumper to the neutral wire

    Sep 24,2018

  • Orhan Turan
    Easy to use smart home device for beginners, since this was my first attempt at doing any smart home configuration, but this product is the perfect `` starter'' piece for the uninitiated, the most time-consuming part of the process was hunting down my wifi password, foolproof setup steps through the app, i'm looking forward to incorporating more from the Decora Smart series into my increasingly smart home

    Aug 25,2018

  • Vaidhi Krishna
    This dimmer was easy to wire up and get operational as a physical on/off/dim wall switch, and once it was properly calibrated through its wireless app very easy, but we're finding ourselves a lot more excited about being able to adjust the brightness or turn them on or off with our phones when we're outside a long ways from the indoor switch too - the wireless feature of this dimmer switch is pretty cool

    Sep 28,2018

  • Teertha T.
    The short wires on the receiver make wiring a little more difficult, it is workable - just allow a little extra light-fixture wire length to compensate, I actually put the receiver in a separate pvc electrical box due to an insufficient mounting space, including the light fixture itself, one of the other reviewers posted better instructions for programming than that which comes from the seller

    Jul 31,2018

  • Deneal
    I had a `` live'' wire exiting my ceiling where I wanted to install a track light but for the life of me I couldn't trace exactly where it went down the wall so that I could install a switch for it, it even gave me the ability to install the wireless switch in a more convenient location than if I had found the original wire in the wall

    Aug 13,2018

  • akitchen756
    Since this was in the basement it is not a big deal that the switch sort of stands out in the wall next to my other standard switches, overall this is a great innovative product, also the instructions are not very clear but there is a review that makes it very easy to wire this thing up

    Sep 19,2018

  • Tony Park
    Just be sure you know which box the initial power is being delivered to, hence the need for a hot and neutral wire, you need to identify which black wire is actually the hot one the one delivering power from your breaker

    Jul 21,2018

  • Amb Bomer
    Make sure to look at other reviews to make sure you wire it correctly, the European wires are different colors than in the US, only complaint is that the wires are a little short, good Price, great product

    Jun 21,2018

  • Padma
    Double checked my wiring and pulled out the round mechanism, think it is a bit counterintuitive that one side of the square button turns the switch on and the back side turns it off but I got used to it

    Oct 25,2018

  • Cc
    Great Switch for sonoff RF module
    Works w sonoff RF module I used to power my Xmas tree and alternative of the app or Alexa Works great must have a sonoff RF

    Oct 10,2018