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  • Aeneas
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: KIT
    Love this stuff!
    This is an easy unit to setup and then install. I suggest making sure you get the additional power cables where required. I needed 3 sets for my installation. The cameras are easy to adjust as to where they are pointed. You have three variables and the only hiccup for me was one camera's antenna did not let me level the unit, but it is so slight it is not a problem and I could always get the antenna extender if I so chose. Every camera was immediately displayed on the NVR. I have difficult problems with WiFi due to thick wall but this unit had no issue what so ever. The furthest camera has almost a full icon on the NVR; the others are completely green. All have excellent depth of vision and good night vision as well. I have one camera that looks out over the park and I can see everything there as well.

    The best feature is the support staff and even though there is time zone difference we were able to quickly solve my issues. I somehow got the NVR into a mode that did not allow me to log in. Using Skype it was solved within a few minutes. I also appreciate dedicated support staff that works with a customer until everything is working properly.

    I like this unit so much I have recommended it to my neighbors and will purchase a second unit for my cabin in the mountains.

    Be sure to purchase a surveillance HDD. I as using a 1 TB WD which is sufficient for my needs. I have the cameras recording all the time and added movement so that the timeline shows the activity with little bars and I can quickly move to that timeline and view the event.

    Oct 19,2019

  • Brian
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: KIT
    Everything is aright
    Easy to set up right out of the box. It's pretty much a plug and play system and took me less than an hour from unboxing to finish. And that included mounting and adjusting the cameras.

    The repeater system of the cameras makes it nice for mounting in low reception areas. The menu for programming the different functions that this system provides, was also pretty simple and self explanatory. Set up for remote monitoring from a cell phone was also very simple. Connecting to a tv or computer monitor was also done with ease. The picture quality is very good, and the cameras seem to be able to hold up in adverse conditions, without losing signal.

    Customer service was very quick. I wanted to a hard drive for recording, but didn't know where to order them. They responded back via email in a matter of hours. That was on a Sunday and was not during their normal business hours. I was able to order the extras straight from their email response.

    All in all, if you're looking for an inexpensive, but quality system, this is it. I've done my homework and it paid off. Love the system

    Nov 15,2019

  • Daily999
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: KIT
    Overall is good
    1. Smonet is a good product and with its cost, the product is simply superb!
    2. Great IR night vision.
    3. Installation and setup is easy.
    4, NVR is good quality.
    5. The international adapters make the CCTV kit usable in all countries.
    6. Customer support is great.

    1. No instruction on how to replace the standard antenna with a high gain antenna. It should have been a plugin screwable type similar to most routers.
    2. The ethernet cable sucks. It must have been a covered plugin type ethernet port.
    3. Plastic anchors provided for the screws are too big.
    4. The instruction manual must have been provided with an information on where and when to use the motion detector or the continuous recording mode. It must also have provided a recommended camera mounting height for a fair facial recognition in the dark.

    Oct 06,2019

  • Blexis
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: KIT
    Easy to use
    I got these cameras to check on my father who has Parkinson's and can't be left alone. I love that I can check all four cameras from my phone and the motion detector is really helpful. My dad has become a little paranoid due to his illness so he really feels better knowing the inside and outside of the house are being watched and he can check what's going on whenever he wants. He really enjoys the night vision feature because he can verify that there is no one outside when we tell him there isn't. I spent a lot of time looking for the right system for my home and I couldn't find a better price that had all the features this set includes. When I had questions about set up /system the seller was really helpful. I'm not very technical but I was able to set it up myself.

    Nov 06,2019

  • Geoffrey
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: KIT
    Fantastic item received
    These cameras are fantastic. I bought different camera's (won't mention the brand) for our business. The amount of time spent on the phone with customer support to get them connected to the internet was ridiculous, and they didn't last 18 months before some of the cameras stopped working.
    The smonet cameras were as easy as you can get. Great picture both from the monitor and remotely on my cell phone.
    Fast forward 2 years... I had a problem with the DVR initializing. I called the number on the internet and Thea in customer support called me back in about 10 mins. She was quick to diagnose the problem. She emailed me an update for the firmware on the DVR and everything works great. I was very impressed customer service of this company.

    Oct 19,2019

  • Jacob
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: KIT
    Happy with this purchase
    I'm very happy with the product and services provided. The key to a successful setup is to ensure the wireless cameras are placed properly throughout the house for signal purposes. Helpful hint: I temporarily set my cameras up in the areas they would be mounted, loaded my mobile app, and used it to place/direct the cameras.

    Had a simple problem with setting this item up - MY FAULT, used incorrect power supply for NVR. Contacted seller and got a quick response suggesting to use the other power supply. This corrected the problem. Completely satisfied with the product. Was exactly as described, and the seller is top notch.

    Would highly recommend this item and seller. I already recommended the product to my friends.

    Oct 20,2019

  • PG Alister
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: KIT
    Love this system ! Video is excellent, setup was a breeze. Only problem was with a minor discrepancy in the manual. In several places it mentions "attach antenna" which would lead on to believe the antenna was trying to unscrew one of the camera antennas we discovered that the antenna is NOT a screw type but is hardwired in....thus we have one camera with a damaged antenna now. Other than that everything is GREAT !
    Update: GREAT customer service...I received a replacement part for the damaged camera, customer service had seen the review and after providing them with some info, my replacement was on its way ! The warranty and service from Smonet can only be described as OUTSTANDING !

    Oct 29,2019

  • Jalia
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: KIT
    Super recommend
    I recommend this system for easy viewing/recording 24/7. Very easy setup. These come without a hard drive so I installed a 2tb surveillance type hd. I set mine to record 24/7. May get about 6 weeks before recording over older data. Can be set for motion only or any number of other options. Good looking, sturdy, excellent clarity. These units also have their own wifi but we connected to router for remote iPhone/iPad viewing from anywhere. Really good phone/tablet app. These are so easy to use and setup that I bought another separate system exactly like this one. No problems with either system. Good price and great customer service, too. Hard to beat.

    Sep 29,2019

  • Rosesss
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: KIT
    Great set
    Shipping fast, packing super. Great set. Price too. I took without a disk. before that i never took a poe system, only an analog. Very pleased with the quality of video and sound. In a set of 4 cables of 20 meters, for the house is enough. At the first turn on, the master started, everything was immediately configured, the firmware was updated. compared to other menu recorders i liked. to the application connected without problems. On the photo test assembly, connect and add feedback.

    Oct 13,2019

  • Pirka Abner
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: KIT
    Easy to set up
    Set up of th system was very easy, simply mount cameras and plug them in to power. I like the system because it works off RF. Now if you want to access your cameras away from home then you need wifi. My cameras are quite a distance away (110', 90', 60', 75') so periodically I loose signal for a few seconds and one of my cameras will not work. After a few seconds it comes back on. This generally happens with the two cameras that are the furthest away.

    Oct 02,2019