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  • Drew
    Yes (3) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    Ideal kit for CNC Beginners
    The mill matches description and expectations. Everything was neatly packaged, and while there are no provided instructions, I was able to assemble it without problems. Build accuracy where required is great, although the drive rod bearings gave me some issues.

    Expect to do a little bit of soldering. Also get some thread-locking compound beforehand.

    I did watch the electrical assembly video from the share site in order to confirm the relay wiring and connection for the spindle motor.

    Don't expect to have it assembled and engraving in 10 minutes, but for a kit form, at this price point, I have zero complaints.

    Controller is an Arduino clone running (as far as I can see) standard grbl, so any g-code sender and tools work with it perfectly.

    Great first CNC mill kit.
    Couldn't get software from the share site, as the file was 'too big' to download normally and it was asking to install other applications and for registrations - not a dealbreaker, Grbl Panel filled all my needs.

    Oct 23,2016

  • Alexander
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    T8 DIY CNC Engraver Printer Machine
    Good quality parts.The corps of stepper motors has been beaten slightly, but it does not affect the work. When assembling the case and installing the elements, there were no problems. With the electronics had to fiddle (did not start the engine, the relay did not work). But after the firmware everything worked. Suitable for simple work and for entry level. I recommend.

    Aug 27,2018

  • David
    Yes (5) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    If you take your time and care building this kit, making sure to get everything square and level, with all the sliders running smoothly you will have an excellent machine.
    I added end stops on the X, Y and Z axes so that I can use homing which is essential really to do any serious engraving. The only other thing I had to do was add suppression capacitors to the spindle motor to eliminate interference with the controller.
    I use mine to engrave PCB's and find it perfect for the job.
    End stops as standard would be good.

    Apr 09,2017

    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    T8 DIY CNC - designer for adults.
    An excellent designer for adults. Children will also be interested in assembling their CNC milling machine. I've seen a lot of similar sets, but the price was very high. Looking at this lot I could not resist buying. Very well packed. I am very glad.

    Aug 17,2018

  • JH
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    Got this one sale - great for the price.
    Would be nice if there were assembly instructions included, but I found a few videos which helped.

    The Arduino Clone that came with it has an issue and wasn't communicating via USB correctly - lots of errors. I bought a new Arduino replacement and this fixed the issue.

    Dec 09,2018

  • Paul Chang
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    Working good!
    Delivered in components. System is working good. Description on putting together is poor. You need browse Youtube or Google for getting information how to use it. Arduino based control algorithm is woking, so you need to study about it.

    Dec 20,2018

  • Vasilij
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    CNC Engraver Printer Machine
    С Китая до Киева коробка добралась за 7 дней. С Киева еще два дня Новой почтой ко мне. Курьер принес прямо домай. Пока собрал только механику. Электронику еще не подключал. Жесткость нормальная.
    Пока нету.

    Aug 15,2016

  • grit
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    desktop cnc router
    It took me a long time to master this device. It was necessary to add and learn a lot of software to finally make it work. The hardware other than the collete is functionally adequate. Software support could be greatly improved!

    Aug 11,2020

  • John S.
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: US Plug
    Great beginner kit.
    - Packaging was excellent.
    - Part quality was good; it came with extra parts which was a little confusing at first but very much appreciated.
    - There are no instructions; I had to cherry-pick from each video.
    - OSX machine did not recognize the clone Arduino. I ended up just swapping it with a genuine Arduino. Also had to grab OSX version of software needed to control the machine ( and upload hex (
    - The download links on the page did not work for me initially.

    Jun 10,2018

  • Daniel
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: EU Plug
    T8 DIY CNC Engraver Printer Machine
    Nice quality of parts, will try it soon after assembly.
    All parts very god package.
    unboxing video after receive it.
    nothing to said, product details are in description page of gearbest.
    Should be bigger, the print / engraver size is small, but it's ok for now.

    Apr 18,2018