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Buying Guide Tablet PC Buying Guide

Tablet PC Buying Guide

Tablets are devices halfway between laptops and smartphones but with the not insignificant advantage of being super light and comfortable to have the internet and the main applications always at hand.The usefulness of the tablet is completely subjective: for some a tablet can even replace the computer for all uses , while for others it is only good for entertainment, for playing and surfing the Internet.

Topics in this buying guide:
  • Types of Tablet PC
  •  Operating systems of Tablet PC
  • Screen size of Tablet PC

  • Types of Tablet PC

    There are three main operating systems: Android IOS, and win8. By hierarchy: low-end, terminal, high-end.
    According to the structural design, tablets can be roughly divided into two types: "variable tablets" with integrated keyboards and "pure tablets" with external keyboards.

    Operating system of Tablet PC

    The main factor of choice for purchasing a new tablet is the operating system .This choice must not be influenced by the smartphone you have; It is true that devices with the same system speak and integrate more easily but there is no need to remain faithful to a particular platform.Each operating system has its  advantages and disadvantages.

    Apple iPadOS (iOS name for iPad)

    The iPad is the most popular and was the first truly successful tablet in history; it is therefore the most mature device of all, the one with the most applications in the store optimized for its screen. Apps optimized for iPad tablets are more numerous than those optimized for Android tablets. The iPad is simple to use, has excellent hardware, works well and retains its value even after one or two years, so that it can be sold. The weakness of the iPad is the cost: compared to Android tablets it costs much more . The iPads are available in three versions: iPad Mini, iPad and iPad Pro. If we focus on an iPad it is worth buying it used and the previous version compared to the one on sale (so the differences are few). Another negative point is the higher cost of the apps compared to the Android ones , a factor not to be underestimated if we want to download many apps, considering that even the most useful ones can be paid or provide for in-app purchases to take advantage of all the functions.


    Google's operating system dominating the smartphone market still has some weaknesses on the tablet front. Since Android is a free operating system that can be used by any manufacturer , here are many Android tablets  of different brands and formats. There are also tablets with keyboard that detaches and reattaches that turn into laptops or those that integrate with the smartphone becoming a single device.

    The Android operating system is incredibly flexible and if you like the idea of making the tablet look like a laptop , then it works much better than iPad OS.

    Android can be used with a mouse,  keyboard,  remote desktop applications etc. Keep in mind, however, that Android tablets are not all the same and that there are models that have obsolete hardware and versions of Android so old as to be very slow from the first start. It is important to read the reviews before buying an Android tablet, especially if it is an unknown brand and if it costs less than 150 Euros. As mentioned before, even if there are thousands of apps for Android , those optimized for tablet screens are very few in relation to the size of the store. That's not to say they don't work, just that they could hurt on 10-inch large-screen tablets.

    Windows 10

    Windows 10 tablets are newer than Android and iPad tablets and are usually convertible tablets to laptops with the addition of a keyboard .

    With a Windows 10 tablet to which you can connect the keyboard, so that you can also use normal desktop PC programs without any problem. A convertible Windows 10 tablet costs much more than any other tablet, but it can effectively replace any laptop and is perfect for the business user who needs Microsoft Office programs. On the app side, the Microsoft store is not as rich as that of Android and iOS, but it adds to the compatibility the presence of support for .exe programs, so we can install any PC program that we know. The best convertible tablets with Windows 10 are the Surface produced by Microsoft itself which cost a disproportionately (over 1000 €), therefore reserved only for those who work with a convertible tablet of this type (which is still of great quality).

    Screen size of Tablet PC

    Regarding the size of the tablet, a lot depends on personal tastes; the bulk of the market is that of 7/8 inches and 10 inches .If you think of the tablet to read books and surf the internet, then the 7 is fine, if you already have a 5 smartphone  it is worth taking a 10 tablet, if you want to use the tablet as a computer and to work, then better the big one. 

    The best way to find out which format you prefer is to go to a store and try them out. Be careful to check not only the screen size, but also the weight. For Android tablets, keep in mind that 10-inch ones can have bad graphics with some apps, as explained above.

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