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  • MoreCoffee
    Very good tablet.
    I've had the T30 for about a week now. It's fast, has a beautiful screen, long battery life, and is very good for everything I wanted out of an Android tablet. There is one issue that I am not sure about. The screen's touch sensitivity with the supplied screen protector in place is good but not as good as I expected.The batter life is better than expected. I've had it running for 13 hours without needing a charge.I installed an app to help darken the screen for night time use. It's called screen filter. It helps and is worth installing. It is free.The magnetic keyboard cover case arrived today and it is good. It works well.

    Nov 11,2019

  • Flai
    Teclast T30 Tablet
    It was a very long wait before my tablet arrived but I'm glad it finally did and the parcel was well wrapped. I'm pretty pleased with the performance of the tablet in terms of speed, sound etc. Would have given it 5 star if it was lighter. I'd a Sony Xperia Z4 prior to this and it was much lighter. in addition I feel the screen was no where was sensitive as my former Sony tablet. I'd to put more pressure on the screen when I typed as compared to Sony tablet. Would I recommend this to others? Yes coz for the price the performance of the tablet is really good.

    Nov 20,2019

  • Griffith Shelley
    Completely Pratical
    It's exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance atmosphere, metal body very texture. Memory is also quite large enough to use, also support memory card expansion. The screen resolution is very high and the TV is very clear. Double speaker, stereo effect is very good. Bluetooth function is also very complete, no broken network, cost-effective or very high. Configuration is very high, very smooth, response is very fast, large screen display effect is also very good, the overall system operation is smooth, touch responsive. Can also be used as a mobile phone, it is too practical

    Sep 29,2019

  • Regina Bessie
    Multifucntion Tablet
    Cost performance is good, customer service is very patient, can be used as a notebook with a keyboard, doing some word, excel is no pressure. See videos are good, metal body design, super like, the screen is clear at a glance, large size, easy to watch the play, operation play games will not stuck, the machine held in the hand is relatively thin, feel good, tested a variety of functions are very good. Can also insert the card to call, call effect is also very good, also support memory card expansion, entertainment and office are well

    Oct 02,2019

  • Duke Nelson
    Strong Tablet
    It has been used for more than a month. I would like to share my experience with you. It has a nice appearance. About computer performance, office, see video very smooth. Although the game did not play king of glory, eat chicken should be no problem, the business also said that can open HD. As for the screen, the broken contact problem mentioned on the Internet has not been found. The firmware is the latest. The biggest impression is that the battery is too durable

    Sep 20,2019

  • Orville Pritt
    Perfect Mainstream
    I really like it. The screen is big enough and the effect is clear. It can be used to watch movies or play games. Standby time is long, I watched soap opera 3 hours in the morning, afternoon also played 2 hours on the game and a while on the Internet, and left 55% of the battery, battery life is amazing. You can take it out without the charger. The size is moderate, WiFi is available to share hot spots, the tablet speaker is loud, and the overall experience is good.

    Oct 08,2019

  • rainbowvk
    Schnell und günstig
    Das Tablet ist recht schnell und verbraucht wenig Akku. Wer Zeit hat etwa einen Monat von der Bestellung bis zur Lieferung nach Deutschland zu warten, ist dies eine echte Empfehlung. Preis/Leistung ist einfach Top. Leider hat das Gerät auch seine Schwächen. Verarbeitung und das Aluminiumgehäuse machen echt was her. Nun zu den erwähnten Schwächen. Ich empfinde es als relativ schwer und das Display ist leider recht anfällig für Kratzer. Aber ich würde es mir trotzdem wieder kaufen .... aber auch gleich ein Displayschutz mitbestellen ;-D .

    Nov 11,2019

  • Spoky
    Capable tablet with mediatek P70 SOC
    This is a good tablet with bright screen, I have to set brightness to 0, WiFi is fast, battery endurance is good, screen on time reaches 11 hours. There is s bug, after playing multi-,touch games, the touch will lag, did some testing, 10 touches drop to 9, certain location has no touch, but randomly get ghost touch and 1st touch point become 2nd touch point, reboot to fix it. Bug is repeatable. This need teclast to fix.

    Dec 02,2019

  • Archibald Brown
    Amazing Experience
    Yes, I like the style. With a feeling, system operation is simple, smooth touch, we can see video chat can also be social, battery is very durable, can be on standby 2-3 days, playing games and usually movies under the use of such a high load, can run a dozen hours, the overall use of the day is enough, speed response quickly, can plug SIM card, you can also get to the Internet, the screen is big, very cool to see a movie

    Sep 30,2019

    Great Battery
    ***** Great Tablet. Clean Android 9.0 Can load apps from playstore. I have Teclast x98 air 3G and it is still working very well. I trust brand. This tablet is also value for money

    Nov 17,2019