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  • ExplorerAtHeart
    Yes (4) Color: Black
    Mixed Bag but Worth Buying (Mostly)
    I waited a while before writing this review. As a tablet it is a mixed bag but for the price, this is an easy choice over any Samsung Galaxy Tab, unless you NEED to use a pen, that is.

    > Good screen. I use it is both a viewer and a productivity device.
    > The 4G option is excellent for on-the-go (OTG) connectivity.
    > The speaker's are loud, even if the quality of sound is not rich.
    > The camera will give you decent pictures. Certainly not up to your best smartphone quality but it will do in a pinch.
    > The captured audio quality is fairly good.
    > Decent haptic feedback

    > The process of power is decent, but not impressive. I consider it more a pro than a con.
    > The 128 GB external memory option is welcome, but that limit is too low. Royalties avoidance?
    > It needs the keyboard option to be it's best. [See other review].
    > Microsoft sees it as an Office 365 eligible device, so no free Office apps. Google Docs to the rescue.

    > The Screen protector is of poor quality. It's not the biggest problem but it will be the first that you encounter.
    > The operating system does not permit you to switch windows. You have only a 'Previous Screen', or 'Go to Home' choices. However, your apps may still be active. I had a subscribed service boot me out on an alternate device due to multiple logons. That's how I found out. THIS WEAKNESS NEEDS TO BE FIXED!
    > Screen is a fingerprint magnet. It's a touch tablet so...
    > Is DuraSpeed anything more than notifications permissions? It is not well explained.
    > No freehand writing or drawing. Getting any app to work with my Notier or Meko tablet pens was next to impossible. [that screen protector?]

    Feb 04,2020

  • DGraham
    Yes (4) Color: Black
    Teclast T30
    The tablet took 3weeks to arrive with an added Case.
    It was well packaged.
    It came with instructions and adapter for the 2pin charger.
    There was only one issue I have and that is it requires a heavy pressing on the screen not very responsive which will make gaming hard.
    Quality is exceptional though. It will play most games of today especially Black Desert Mobile and CoDM
    And PUBG.
    Sound is great and graphics are amazing. I have posted a video showing PES 2020 on max settings.
    It has a decent weight for its size.
    The screen is protected with a screen protector already fitted.
    Does not come with bloatware.
    Wish it came with a 3pin charger initially rather than a bulky adapter.
    It will not play fortnite as the GPU is not compatible.
    Overall its a great tablet for gaming on most of the games today but disappointing regarding the response on the screen and also the charger not being UK compatible so having to use an adapter making it bulky overall.

    Dec 18,2019

  • abrasante
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    Teclast T30 buena tablet/smartphone
    Es lo que se indica: una tablet con un procesador potente junto a la posibilidad de utilización como smartphone o, si se tiene sim de datos, utilizar la tablet con conexión estando de viaje equivale a un portátil pequeño.
    Evidentemente, como dice el refrán "aprendiz de todo maestro de nada" y con ello quiero decir que el que busque un dispositivo versátil para todo tiene su aparato, pero claro, el que busque una tablet sólo para jugar o el que busque un smartphone no debería planteárselo.
    Por último tiene Android 9.0 que puede tener sus inconvenientes (funcionalidades a las que estamos acostumbrados le faltan) y ventajas (fluidez sobre todo). Yo personalmente estoy contento con el producto aunque también es verdad que veo "cosas" capadas (imposibilidad de entrar al apartado "Hardware testing" que falta dentro del Enginer Mode para poder recalibrar el giroscopio, dificultad sobrehumana de poder cambiar parámetros de dispositivos predeterminados ... o sea, "cosas raras" de Android 9.0 pie)
    Para finalizar el apartado precio: no es para tirar cohetes pero está más que ajustado.

    Jan 19,2020

  • Nicolas Marchitelli Carlino
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Un prodotto dalla qualità prezzo imbattibile
    Salve a tutti. La cosa che mi ha attirato di questo prodotto è stato il rapporto tra la qualità che ti offre e il prezzo che vale. I lati positivi di questo prodotto sono sicuramente il processore molto veloce, il volume che è di buona qualità, il design è molto bello. L'unica pecca è lo schermo. Se uno, come me, è abituato allo schermo Super AMOLED del samsung, questo schermo IPS potrebbe essere un passo indietro. Tra l'altro non ha nemmeno la carica rapida, ma quella batteria da 8000 mha dura davvero un eternità. Anche la spedizione è stata un bel problema, considerate che l'ho ordinato il 2 dicembre 2019, e l'ordine l'ha creato il 14 dicembre e mi è arrivato il 13 gennaio 2020. Lo straconsiglio, perché è un prodotto che è in grado di competere con tablet ben più costosi come ipad o altri. Consiglio inoltre di acquistarlo con la cover, la tastiera che è davvero bella, e la pellicola di vetro temperato.

    Jan 14,2020

  • MoreCoffee
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    Very good tablet.
    I've had the T30 for about a week now. It's fast, has a beautiful screen, long battery life, and is very good for everything I wanted out of an Android tablet.
    There is one issue that I am not sure about. The screen's touch sensitivity with the supplied screen protector in place is good but not as good as I expected.
    The batter life is better than expected. I've had it running for 13 hours without needing a charge.
    I installed an app to help darken the screen for night time use. It's called screen filter. It helps and is worth installing. It is free.
    The magnetic keyboard cover case arrived today and it is good. It works well.

    Nov 11,2019

  • Flai
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Teclast T30 Tablet
    It was a very long wait before my tablet arrived but I'm glad it finally did and the parcel was well wrapped. I'm pretty pleased with the performance of the tablet in terms of speed, sound etc. Would have given it 5 star if it was lighter. I'd a Sony Xperia Z4 prior to this and it was much lighter. in addition I feel the screen was no where was sensitive as my former Sony tablet. I'd to put more pressure on the screen when I typed as compared to Sony tablet. Would I recommend this to others? Yes coz for the price the performance of the tablet is really good.

    Nov 20,2019

  • Griffith Shelley
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    Completely Pratical
    It's exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance atmosphere, metal body very texture. Memory is also quite large enough to use, also support memory card expansion. The screen resolution is very high and the TV is very clear. Double speaker, stereo effect is very good. Bluetooth function is also very complete, no broken network, cost-effective or very high. Configuration is very high, very smooth, response is very fast, large screen display effect is also very good, the overall system operation is smooth, touch responsive. Can also be used as a mobile phone, it is too practical

    Sep 29,2019

  • Roberto
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    bellissimo però?
    Tablet assolutamente bellissimo e molto efficiente,prezzo formidabile però devo fare un'osservazione per quanto riguarda il vano delle SIM,ho provato a inserire la micro SD per l'aumento della memoria ma in primis ho avuto difficoltà a far uscire l'alloggiamento delle SIM, poi una volta aperto ho inserito la micro SD, una volta richiuso il vano, notavo che al tablet non risultava nessuna SIM inserita, quindi riapro l'alloggiamento SIM ma la sim era sparita.In poche parole è rimasta incastrata all'interno, vuole la fortuna che non è andato a influire per il funzionamento del tablet. Proverò a farla sfilare da un tecnico qui in Italia,speriamo bene.

    May 12,2020

  • Regina Bessie
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Multifucntion Tablet
    Cost performance is good, customer service is very patient, can be used as a notebook with a keyboard, doing some word, excel is no pressure. See videos are good, metal body design, super like, the screen is clear at a glance, large size, easy to watch the play, operation play games will not stuck, the machine held in the hand is relatively thin, feel good, tested a variety of functions are very good. Can also insert the card to call, call effect is also very good, also support memory card expansion, entertainment and office are well

    Oct 02,2019

  • Felipevg
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Good choice
    Pedí la tableta Teclast T30 con el teclado adicional.. El paquete lo recibí muy rápido y sin problemas (pagando los impuestos). El producto se ve excelente al tacto, aunque es un poco pesado para sostener en las manos por un largo tiempo (por ejemplo viendo una pelicula recostado en la cama. Creo que el soporte del teclado puede ayudar un poco. La velocidad de proceso es realmente bueno y los videos se ven sin ningun problema de "lag". LA resolución de la pantalla es mejor de lo que esperaba, por los comentarios leidos en foros. El sonido nada fuera de lo normal.. Es bueno para el dia a dia. Muy buen producto. Lo recomiendo.

    Jan 08,2020