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  • davidqqqq
    Yes (1) Color: White
    Fast and nice
    I've hesitated a lot, but finally I have chosen this tablet. I tought 32Gb ROM and 2Gb RAM will be enough for me, if I just want to surf on the internet and watch movies on this tab. I was right. Surprisely fast, and nice looking product. I think it's a bit heavy, but the 6000mAh battery must be a bit heavy. This battery is more than enough for 2 days. I don't play any games on the tab, but I think people don't buy quad-core tablets for gaming. It's very good for everyday people. You can easily check your e-mails, surf on internet, watch movies, listen to music, and skype with your friends. It's more than enough for this price.
    Actually I was happy, because I found 3 updates when I turned it on first time. These updates are good, fix some problems easily. I hope the manifacturer will release Android 7.1 or 8.0 soon, because this hardware can run these perfectly.
    So summa summarum it's a good, fast and nice tab. I would be happy for newer Android, and a bit heavy, but I really like it.

    Oct 07,2018

  • Юрий
    Yes (2) Color: White
    Teclast A10S Tablet PC

    1. Хорошая автономность, 7 часов просмотра ютуба на средней яркости и средней громкости.
    2. Хороший сочный Full HD экран на 10 касаний.
    3. Не большой вес.
    4. Достаточное количество оперативной памяти и встроенной памяти, 2Gb RAM и 24Gb (после установки системы и приложений) с головой хватает для всего.
    5. Нормальный процессор и видеокарта, тянет не только Full HD ролики но и 4к.
    6. Блютуз, тут проблем никаких работает отлично, подключал геймпад без проблем.
    7. Нормальная чистая прошивка, без мусорных сервисов от гугла.


    На данном этапе минов я не заметил, планшет реально хорош.

    Oct 05,2018

  • Sergey
    Yes (1) Color: White
    Teclast A10S Tablet PC
    Брал с поинтами за 114$-34$=80$. Дошло СДЭК'ом за 24 дня. В общем и целом соответствует описанию. Wifi 2/5G, блютуз, GPS (GSM нет). Экран яркий и качественный, звук вроде из двух динамиков снизу - слышно хорошо, видео смотреть комфортно. В общем к покупке рекомендую. Упакован был кстати в большие пузыри, гербест начинает исправляться в этом плане, но что немного озадачило, что коробка не была запечатана в пленку, но планшет на вид новый - сам весь в пленках, работает исправно - правда толком еще не гонял. Андроид 7, версия прошивки - 1.04-20181010 - при попытке обновления, говорит, что уже стоит последняя.

    Mar 22,2019

  • Paolo
    Yes (1) Color: White
    buon tablet
    Difficile trovare un tablet con queste caratteristiche in Europa a questo prezzo. Buona risoluzione dello schermo, RAM e spazio di archiviazione più che sufficiente per la maggior parte degli usi, software semplice e non invasivo. chiaramente non è un tablet per giocare a giochi che necessitano da potenza a profusione, ma per il resto fa tutto senza problemi: navigazione, video, testi. fotocamere sufficienti, ma niente di che, possibilità di espandere la memoria con schedina microSD, buon collegamento sia Wi-Fi che bluetooth (questo testato con cuffie, tastiera e mouse). Sono già arrivati 3 aggiornamento, anche se non so quanto sarà supportato nel lungo termine...
    insomma per 90-100€ è un acquisto da considerare in alternativa ai tablet pessimi che troviamo su questi prezzi in Europa.

    Jan 29,2019

  • Vali
    Yes (1) Color: White
    one of the best tablets on the market
    Teclast A10S Pros:
    The device comes with a good battery backup so that you can you can use it for a longer time.
    You get a full HD display which is good for watching movies and playing games.
    The multiuser sharing is one of the best features which you can use in this device.
    You get a large bandwidth RAM and is coupled with the best processor you get the best tablet to work on.
    Along with the editor, you will also get a 2GB GPU to play all the games. This GPU will help to execute and run the complex games on your device.
    Teclast A10S Cons:
    The storage space is less, but we feel better due to the micro SD card option.
    Takes more time to charge up the battery.

    Nov 30,2018

  • Mikhail Nosov
    Yes (1) Color: White
    Good for the price
    I looked for the cheapest possible 10 inch tablet with descent screen for using as a photo frame. I use home NAS as a picture storage and Fotoo app. 0This device fits my requirements almost completely. It is very responsive, and screen is almost ideal. Screen colors are good, brightness is sufficient for indoor use. Strong side of this device is very good 2-band Wi-Fi module.
    0Small drawbacks are lack of automatic brightness control and not-so-ideal colors when looking at the big angles. However, these drawbacks are really small.

    Jan 06,2019

  • Rocio
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Me gusta mucho
    Ya lo llevo usando casi 8 meses, quería esperar a dejar mi reseña para ver él funcionamiento, tenia mis dudas pero al final todo salió bien. La tablet es muy buena, sus gráficos son muy buenos y reproduce hasta la calidad 1080. Puedes configurar varios perfiles y en cada uno tener tus propias aplicaciones. Por ejemplo lo usa mi hija en un perfil y tiene como 50 juegos, y tengo otros tres perfiles para mí en dónde instalo mis propias aplicaciones. Hasta ahora todo avanza muy bien y por ese precio no hubiera encontrado nada igual en mi país, tiene muy buena calidad, yo le coloque una mica de vidrio y un protector de silicona y fue lo mejor, la batería dura y carga rápido, que más puedo decir? A mi me encanto, lo recomiendo.


    Sep 06,2019

  • Peter
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Teclast A10S Tablet PC
    good day, the goods arrived in a fixed case, well packaged and perfectly fine, it is my first tablet and I do not know what I would write badly, probably the only thing that I know about the error is a diode showing the progress of the acquisition, because I do not know when is full, otherwise everything is ok, design is nice, price and performance as far as I use it only for internet and cooking recipes, I am completely satisfied and I definitely recommend

    Jan 11,2019

  • Giannis
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Great tablet
    Gray tablet for its price
    Pros:Fast,the screen is great,battery lasts for two days with normal use
    Cons:I would like better speakers but it’s ok for me because I use headphones.
    Shipping was very fast and it came in well packaging including manual and a usb cable!
    I recommend this tablet for home use and browsing and I would also recommend to my friends.Its a good buy for its price!

    Aug 02,2019

  • Handy
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Good performance, cheap price
    I bought this tablet discounted. It is worth the price, very good performance:
    - the YouTube and other video sites are showing videos without any lag
    - the sound is better than I expected
    - the today games are working perfectly
    - facebook, email, web are okay too.
    The quality of the tablet is not the best but better than the cheapest ones. The battery is 6000mAh is not too big for the 10' but enough to watch 2 films in HD.
    If you want a cheap but nice tablet, buy this.

    Jan 26,2019