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  • Stefan
    Like it
    Great computer just battery doesn't live 8 hours like it says.....max 3 hours but still really good noteboke.Solid and beautiful construction.Quick and fast.Have it third week and unfortunatelly have a problem with Bluetooth.Many times turn off and cant use it.Then after restart and uploads work but again next day happened the same..i will see the moment again doesn't work .........touchscreen works well ,u can flipti over and that awesome and very confy in well speakers have a high sound.Keyboard is confy for me.Cant put in my SD card but I guess I don't have a right type what surprised me becouse have atypical one...but I bought multi usb cable and reconnected throw it and it works.Would I buy it again?......I would!Thanks

    Mar 04,2019

  • Dario
    Perfect for students
    I've bought it to bring it at lesson to the university, it can run all the base programs i need, and it's light. It can also run some Basic games with low settings, tried it on League of Legends and Smite, not the best Gaming Experience but still playable. The frame in aluminium is Solid, it doesn't feel cheap. The only thing i dislike it's the fact that the frame is not insulated, So when under charge it feels kinda weird to pass the hands on it, doesn't hurts but feel Little weird.
    In conclusione it's a really good laptop i recommend it

    Dec 17,2018

  • r
    Excellent kit! Only one problem with bluetooth connections at the moment but everything else works great.

    Jan 26,2019

  • Ihor
    Дешево и сердито, качество соотвестующее.
    И так у меня остро стал вопрос о необходимости ультра бука, компактного и в меру производительного, заказал я этот аппарат еще 16 ноября 2018, приехал он до нг, все бы замечательно да приехал брак, страховку не брал, написал в поддержку GearBest решили что буду на свой страх и риск отсылать в Испанию на подтверждение брака(если не подтверждают оплату за путешествия оплачивает покупатель) рискнул в итоге, не прогадал подтвердили брак дали несколько вариантов на выбор - возврат средств или высылают новый, что-ж решился на новый, и представьте мое разочарование когда второй приехал тоже с множественым браком пускай и не критичным..
    В этот раз брал страховку но решил оставить ноут после урегулирования вопросов с поддержкой клиентов.

    Что касательно ноута:
    1. Уже есть обновленная версия с новым корпусом и логотипом на панели(без надписи было симпатичнее)
    2. Нет подсветки клавиатуры
    3. Экрану очень нехватает яркости, мне даже ночью когда смотрю фильмы хочется сделать поярче но увы, днем же это каторга если есть источник света видно будет только этот источник света.
    4. Процессор годный но теплоотвод в компьютере просто никакущий левая грань при нагрузках адски греется и комп начинает тротлить
    5. Фича с сенсорным экраном и 360 прикольные но по факту ни разу еще не пользовался.
    6. Тачпад мелкий и не отзывчивый, верхний угол где сканер опечатка пальца - не рабочий.
    7. Жесткий диск хоть и ссд но медленный, хотя разницы в работе не видно + от малого объема спасает наличие лотка для микро сд карты
    8. Есть все необходимые порты.

    В итоге компьютер оставил двоякое впечатление, в конце концов при такой цене невозможно без компромиссов, что меня дейс

    Feb 15,2019


    We are sorry to hear that your product was not as expected.
    We offer a detailed description of all our products on the item page.
    Customers are also more than welcome to submit a question to our QA team and we will reply via the product Q&A's.
    Most of our products come with a 45 day guarantee and have a 1 year repair warranty.
    Please see here for more details:
    We have sent a message to offer solutions to you, please check it in detail and reply to us there.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best regards,
    Gearbest Customer Service Center

    Mar 15,2019

  • lenvl01
    Great laptop
    I'm using this laptop for a couple of days and must to say - 'It's really great laptop !'. Almost perfect quality of materials, good screen, awesome keypad... what else do you need for for price of 500$. Sure thing it's not perfect - screen could be brighter and laminated, SSD volume bigger and laptop's weight a little bit lighter but... when you start working with this laptop you really forget about all these 'cons'. I'm .Net programmer and Visual Studio 2017 running descent without any problems, VS Code it's a 'jet rocket'. If I compare it with my Lenovo Z50 which was bought only a year ago... incomparable.
    But... as I said it's not perfect.
    - Battery life really good but it far from announced 8 hours, you have good 4-4.5 hours of average using.
    - Screen , as I said is good but outdoor you will need anti-glare cover
    - It's getting pretty warm when you start using it with high performance especially when downloading and installing some big program product
    - And last one... there is NO GIFT ? coming with this laptop , I mean - case, mouse and stylus, despite that I bought this laptop for highest price on the Net - 560$ , it's including delivery to Hungary from Italy and insurance. I think for this price I deserved at least a stylus for a gift. What do you think Mr. Gearbest :-) ? You sent me with special delivery adapter for electric plug intended for using in Great Britain, absolutely useless for me, but for this price you could send me a stylus packed together with my laptop...
    But generally speaking - I recommend this laptop for buying (even without any chance on gift ;-) )
    Enjoy it,
    Vladimir Lengyel

    Sep 26,2018

  • maria
    mi ha convinto
    è un bel laptop che non delude, con un buon rapporto qualità prezzo.
    Bisogna fare un pò l'abitudine con il fatto che la tastiera non è in italiano, quindi bisogna ricordarsi dove sono le lettere accentate.
    è stabile e veloce, arriva non aggiornato quindi bisogna spendere un giorno per farlo.
    Tende un po' a riscaldare se sottosforzo ma non in maniera preoccupante. Ovviamente non è consigliato per il gaming.
    Questo device è più per un uso da ufficio, quindi word, power point e varie ricerche.
    Quello che aumenta il valore di questo computer è il fatto che è touch screen, perfetto per prendere appunti per gli universitari.
    Che dire la batteria dura abbastanza, ma contiamo che l'ho tenuto con la luminosità bassa.
    Comunque non dovreste avere problemi a seguire una lezione, un giorno di scuola (non tenendolo acceso proprio tutte le 5 ore , es ricreazione) senza ricaricarlo.
    Lo schermo è buono e lo è anche il touch, tutto il device dà una senzazione premium che il prezzo non ha, peccato per le cornici!!!
    La fotocamera è scarsa, ma in fondo non a tutti interessa, non è così importante in un computer, basta che si veda, secondo me.
    I tempi di spedizione sono rapidi, in 5 giorni mi è arrivato, senza danni. Non ho preso l'assicurazione di gearbest contro gli urti e non ho avuto problemi.
    Se non prendete la penna a lui associato che però non è in dotazione, il computer perde tante chicche utili.
    L'audio è un pò debole e i bassi bisogna un pò immaginarli, però niente di così terribile, non l'ho comprato mica con l'aspettativa di usarlo come stereo.
    Per guardare i film, le videochiamate o per asoltare musica (amatorialmente) è perfetto.

    Jul 29,2019

  • kani-tako
    This is perfect in this price range
    First: I am a Japanese speaker. So, please forgive me if I make a mistake in English.

    The characteristics of this laptop are already clear.
    ●128GB SSD Storage
    ●8GB RAM
    ●Intel Core m3-7Y30 CPU
    ●13.3 inch IPS screen (touch screen support)
    ●Monitor rotates 360 degrees
    ●Weight about 1.4 kg
    ●Fast fingerprint Scanner
    ●and Good build quality
    If you buy a laptop with the same function in Japan, you need to pay twice the price(This laptop was also $418 for Black Friday sale).I used this for a week. Everything works as expected, without problems so far.
    This is not perfect. But the perfect one is twice the price. At this price, the satisfaction of this laptop is very high. And very useable.
    ※ This time, the power conversion plug for Japan was bundled. That is also a good point.

    ・128GB SSD
    ・8GB RAM
    ・Intel Core m3-7Y30 CPU
    ・13.3 インチIPSモニタ (タッチスクリーン)
    ・およそ1.4 kgの重量

    Nov 28,2018

  • Andrey2000
    Very Good Device !!!
    + Легкий и прочный алюминиевый корпус.
    + Превосходные углы обзора экрана и качество цвета.
    + Отличная клавиатура, напоминает старые MacBook. Приятно набирать много текста.
    + Хороший трекпад, очень чувствительный и точный.
    + 360 градусов разворот
    + Хороший и чувствительный сенсорный экран.
    + Очень быстрый процессор и 8Gb RAM - устройство очень отзывчиво в работе.
    + Нормальная громкость звука, звук лучший среди прочих устройств этого класса, которые мне доводилось использовать.
    + Полный набор портов: 2xUSB 3.0, MicroHDMI, USB Type-C.
    + Хорошая батарея, до 6 часов работы при 100% яркости экрана, хотя могло бы быть и больше.
    + есть возможность зарядки через USB Type-C (необходимо зарядное устройство с Power Delivery).
    + Очень быстрый сканер отпечатка пальца - мгновенная разблокировка.
    + Лицензионная Windows 10.
    + Полноценная поддержка аппаратной виртуализации очень ценна для разработчиков.

    Использую несколько месяцев для Web-разработки + Online Video/Youtube - никаких проблем! Я очень рад этой покупке. За такую цену это лучшее устройство из всех прочих! Я счастлив!
    - Не большой запас яркости экрана. На улице в солнечную погоду не получится пользоваться.
    - 128Gb SSD для меня слишком мало, пришлось заменить на 240Gb.
    - Хотелось бы видеть модель с 16Gb RAM, потому что большой объём RAM необходим для разработки и тестирования приложений.

    Aug 15,2018

  • Andrius
    I could be a good devices if I would received it functioning.
    Let me get it straight - the laptop itself is great. Well made, good performance, very nice and vibrant screen, lovely keyboard. Light, but feels nice in the hand. The convertible hinge - awesome things. Works like a charm.
    Now, to the bad part of the review: I have received defected one. The laptop did not work on battery power. If you disconnect the power cable the laptop is dying after 10-15 minutes, without any warnings.
    And now to the worst part: Gearbest service was more than terrible. They forced me to send the defected laptop back to them. Ok, I thought, it does not work as it should, so no issues there, the gearbest will cover all my loses. NO. They did refund my payment for the laptop, but shipping cost for shipping it back to them was not covered!!! And they took ages to refund my money. I'm terribly disappointed and next time I will really consider all options and other online shops because this situation has ruined my all the experience with Gearbest.

    Sep 10,2018

  • Ali Ramirez
    Amazing laptop
    Full aluminium body
    Top notch build quality that gives it a Premium feeling
    8Gb of fast RAM (1867mHz)
    Ultra fast SSD (only about 90Gb of free storage) maybe too little storage for some.
    IPS panel with great viewing angles, however the panel isn't fully laminated.
    Very good keyboard
    Ultra slim
    Very fast and efficient processor
    Fully activated Windows 10 Home completely in English
    Stylus support
    Very quick fingerprint recognition
    Fast boot (about 10-15 seconds)
    Good battery duration (about 8 hours with light use and 3-4 hours of intense use)
    You can activate tablet mode by rotating the screen 360 degrees.
    The best laptop you could acquire for the money.
    I still got it for $429 USD
    At this price absolutely no complaints. I'm really happy with my purchase.

    Jan 23,2018