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  • Graham
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Very fast and we designed
    Arrive before I expected and has exceeded my expectations. I use it for work and play and even though its early days, I am very impressed. I didnt realise it had multi user either which is brilliant, now my kids wont fill my profile with their games :) .

    The processor is very quick, I've gone from an Ipad mini 2 and it makes the apple feel like a snail. The display is very crisp and bright, and the large RAM makes multi tasking smooth and responsive. I also bought a generic bluetooth keyboard and with that I think that this tablet will b able to replace my laptop for business meetings with clients.

    I havent tested it on game with high graphic demand yet but I suspect it will do very well.

    Note: If you try to load Netflix through the play store it says it is not compatible but you can download an older version of the app directly from Netflix and then it works just fine.

    I am very happy with the purchase and can definitely recommend it.

    Dec 16,2018

  • Irene
    Yes (3) Color: Silver
    Está bien pero....
    Lo dicho la tablet en si está bien, lo que no me ha gustado es que no venga el cargador de toma de corriente, solo viene con el cable de USB, para una tablet de estas características debería de venir con su cargador de toma de corriente que menos, no que no está incluido. Deberían de ponerlo especificado mejor en el contenido del paquete, ya que como es normal, deberían de incluir el cargador, no solo el cable de usb. Deberían de poner “no está incluido cargador, de compra aparte” por ejemplo, ya que por ese aspecto, para mi, deja mucho que desear la tablet, ya que supuestamente anuncian que la tablet es de carga rápida y el modelo de cargador en amperios. No le doy las 5 estrellas por haberme echo perder el tiempo en la incidencia que abrí por ese tema, que al final ellos tienen la razón, y la razón es que toda tablet debería de traer su cargador de toma de corriente, no solo el cable, y por lo menos especificárselo al cliente que se debe de comprar aparte. Por el momento va bien la tablet.

    Dec 06,2018

  • AurelianM
    Yes (1) Color: Silver
    The best quality-price ratio
    * great build quality;
    * 4G an call voice support;
    * thin build at 7.9 mm and metal unibody;
    * very good display resolution that is 2560x1600(texts and icons look very sharp);
    * nice and very brightness OGS Sharp IPS screen;
    * back camera is filming at 4K resolution (3840x2160) and 30 fps;
    * in good light front camera makes very good selfies(very accurate details);
    * 4 GB of RAM, decent multitasking and performance overall;
    * good battery life(7 to 10 hours);

    * outdated Android 7.1.1 OS;
    * limited WCDMA and LTE bands;
    * no HDMI out or via Type-C;
    * the package doesn't contains the charger;
    * the charger heats up pretty much during charging tablet;

    In conclusion I don't think I would find a better tablet at this price.

    Dec 05,2018

  • koba
    Yes (2) Color: Silver
    teclast t20 4g
    je viens de recevoir ma tablette T20 4g
    la livraison sent souci et l'emballage super très bien protégé
    la tablette est très belle et très performante et niveau photo bien
    Très bonne tablette. Processeur performant, aussi bien en traitement qu'en affichage à cette résolution. Un son génial, des fonctionnalités agréables et utiles, superbe fluidité, que du bonheur , et à un prix loin des autres pour les mêmes caractéristiques.Très belle qualité image d'ailleurs et qui est vraiment sympathique à utiliser, 4G sans soucis, pas de bug à signaler.

    Dec 02,2018

  • kraius
    Yes (3) Color: Silver
    A month ago I purchased a Teclast T10 that is the ancestor of this model T20. That was a perfect choice for me. T10 is not the fastest, not the biggest but enough for everything, like a VW for daily use. Now T20 is just a little bit more powerful and got a USB type C, but it's price and it's benefitial properties are the same:
    - good quality of assembly,
    - more than enough CPU and RAM even for most of games
    - wonderful IPS panel
    - long working time
    - lot of features like fingerprint recognition, SIM...

    It's still one of the best tablets in the market

    Oct 11,2018

  • Vernal
    Yes (1) Color: Silver
    Overall Excellent, But..
    I previously owned the T10 and believe the sound was better/fuller, even with a hint of bass. The T20 speakers are less impressive to my fussy ears. The other disappointment is the unusually short Bluetooth range, which was a problem with the T10 too. Apart from the above, the T20 is a thoroughly enjoyable entertainment device. The screen is superb, as are the cameras and overall build quality. And yes, the T20 is also a giant phone. Battery life is also very satisfying. Recommended!

    Oct 12,2018

  • Rosh
    Yes (1) Color: Silver
    Brilliant for the money
    The tablet is an amazing device for the price. Similar price to a popular brand low end tablet but with far better feature range. Only thing to take note of is that the device is not Play Protect certified and you may need to side load some applications. Unboxing experience of the device is great and Gearbest packing was very secure and safe. I would recommend this device to someone who is looking for good features in a tablet but doesn't want to spend too much.

    Nov 09,2018

  • Timo
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Commander of northern division
    It's great. Nice quality, finished details. Looks great. Solid metal frame, First impression is great. Much more detailed and Solid compared to my Samsung.

    Fast network, both wifi and 4g. Great picture. Smooth while using. Good loudspeakers and sound. Games works fast.

    Cons: should have new version of Android, maby one or 9.0, oreo at least.

    Would I recommed it to my friends- absolutely!

    Dec 22,2018

  • Luca Tiberi
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Ottimo Tablet, per me fin troppo luminoso
    Ottimo prodotto solido, ben costruito e performante. Ovviamente non ci si può aspettare di avere in mano un top di gamma visto il prezzo, ma per la cifra che costa è da applauso.

    Credo che lo rivenderò solamente per il fatto che lo schermo anche impostandolo al minimo rimane troppo luminoso per i miei gusti, peccato perché altrimenti lo avrei sicuramente tenuto.

    Aspetteremo il T30 per vedere se riescono a migliorare questo aspetto.

    Oct 17,2018

  • KL
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    fast and cheap with a slight con.
    Tablet came fully protected thick bubble pack and all in original box and the tablet is fast and no bloatware at all. only cons I have was it had 2 dead pixels on but you can only see them when u boot up from cold start, and also there is no power adaptor included (not really a big deal), but they do include the usb cable.

    Also, there is a screen protector already stuck on once u remove the top film layer with writing on

    Dec 30,2018